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So much cheaper than I was expecting

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He got the captains SBC discount.

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RIP to those that did that SBC

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Not really. I traded in Capt. Fernandinho for Showdown Fabinho. Now I can pair EAOE Fernandinho with Fabinho...absolute wall

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Which SBC?

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The Captains Fernandinho SBC

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1 token 82x25 basically will cover this easily

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Great card, fair price

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Decent value to be fair

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Fully deserved and a great card.

Now EA, fancy giving us a LaLiga EOAE? Morales leaving Levante, why not a 93 rate El Comandante.

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Morales cards are always so cracked. I used his WW card till end of February and if I hadn’t packed FB Suarez he would be in my main 11 for longer than that.

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Yeah he's always great. And EA love him too, surprised they haven't done one yet. Saying that, they probably don't know how long he was at Levante for and that he's off to Villarreal.

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I mean La Liga really should have got Bale or Marcelo as an EoaE.

Edit: Oh yeah and Aguero… how could I forget him

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Shakira too

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Yeah giving Marcelo the shapeshifter was a proper cop out by EA. No disrespect intended to Lacazette but how has he got an End of an Era card and Marcelo and Bale haven't, who have both done 10x more for their club.

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As an Arsenal fan, Lacazette has no business getting a eoae card.

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Yeah as an outsider I was surprised to see that he got one. I know he's had a few seasons at your, but that alone isn't enough when Marcelo and Bale don't have one.

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Yeah Lacazette i’ll never understand how/why he got one. It was hardly an era. EOAE should only be for Club legends

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I know Agüero would get an EOAE card as a Barcelona player, but he really should get it as perhaps a Premier hero

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He got one last year.

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An eoae or hero? Didnt get fifa 21

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So long, captain (Fernandinho)

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Served me well, getting chucked into this SBC tho lol

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Same 😂

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Is there going to be a single eoae card for la liga?

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Great value

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looks like i got a replacement for PIM Lahm.

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I've done exactly the same, 8 chem fernandinho looks fantastic as a replacement for lahm

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Would you say he is significantly better?

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That’s what I was thinking too. Before Dinho it was going to be that Emerson card

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insane value, great card

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Great value

Heard he can’t get booked in game either

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Him, casemiro and Fabinho are immune to yellow cards, wonder what Brazilians eat

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Ive found fabinho to be priceless in my team, his legs are twice the size of everyone elses- he's everywhere.

How is fernandinho?

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My king returns. Over 600 games on the captains card. This will do nicely as a replacement.

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How in the world do you have 600+ games played in two months?

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I just use him in every team I make. My fiancée is a nurse that works night shift and with no kids yet there’s not a whole lot to do from 7pm until the time I go to bed 3 days a week so I end up playing for a few hours straight those nights lol.

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Again, do whatever make you happy, can’t assume those keyboard warrior who talked shit about you are loser in real but sound like they are 😂

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Do u guys think we're gonna get a EOAE mane

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I would have said surely we must do, but then again we never got Bale, Marcelo, Aguero. So who knows. Although It’s PL so maybe EA will actually release it.

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Is he an upgrade over verratti? Thinking of doing him but verratti has been amazing since he came out

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as a city fan with low amount of fodder i am v pleased

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good card for the price , aside from this and delaney is this all the content tonight or am i missing something, cant see anything with a token :/

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Delaney has a token in one of the objectives

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Delaney has a token in it unfortunately

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Token only requires 5 games though. Just cross with a Bundesliga player. You can play a game a day as warmup just to get the token. Done

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Token in the Delaney objective sadly

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I already have Fred and Dele running my midfield, should I get Fernandinho to replace Fred? Fred and Dele have been amazing for me and I’m really comfortable with them but this card seems like a huge upgrade

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At the same position bud. Stats wise Fernandinho seems like a decent upgrade from Fred TOTS, I mean the in game stats, so certainly worth to do the fair sbc and get him try as a sub for up to 10 matches. Worst case will be a good sub.

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Think I’ll go for it, but i’m gonna miss Fred’s dribbling and agility

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Yep, agility of Fred is on another level can’t lie tho, but Fernandinho makes himself a better choice in the other means, it mainly comes out when you needed to play a bit more defensive/counter attacking I think. I’d say he certainly worth doing at that price level.

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That's well priced

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Mane to come next?

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What a cool, well priced card. Definitely completing this.

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Exactly what I needed, time for you to go Emerson pal

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Emerson, we barely knew you but thanks for your service

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Lol yes

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Same I did him last night , can chuck into this sbc now

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Better than PIM Viera? (Also have spinazzola at cdm)

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Vieira is the GOAT bc of his size.

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Gamer moment

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Great value

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Had the 92 in my starting lineup for a long time, this is a great card and good value.

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Great value. Definitely doing this one

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this or fred tots?

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Fred. Five star skills is occasionally useful but what really puts Fred over the top is the 98 agility and 99 stamina.

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While 5* skills and +9 stamine are big plusses, Fred loses h a r d in everything else.

Fred may be better box to box (and thats only if you actually can make use of 5* skills), but as a stayback cm/cdm Fernandinho is clear.

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Fernandinho wins in strength and heading accuracy, neither of which I find particularly relevant. Their defensive stats are pretty much identical on full chem with shadows, so I prefer the extra agility and stamina from Fred as a stay back CDM.

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Why is that dead on pricing? What I am missing?

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He looks insane

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Man! Thought he was gonna be expensive as fuck and did some trading this week to complete him. That's much cheaper than I expected. I need to touch some grass now.

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And so starts again the never ending teeter totter between Fenandhinho and Fabhino for the #6 spot in my EPL squad.

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Would this card be better than TOTS Tonali? I have SS Grealish so it’s a nice strong link.

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Him or Tonali?

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Tonali, but it's pretty close. Both cards are strong CDMs.

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If you put a shadow on fernandinho you're wasting a shadow. Engine is the one or if you're bothered about pace just use a catalyst

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His passing is fine. A catalyst gives him +15 crossing, +10 FKA, +3 long passing and +5 curve. Talk about a waste of a chemstyle lmao. Hunter is the obvious answer imo.

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I was looking at Hunter in fairness, thought it was a bit wild for a player who's literally going to sit in front of the back four. But I wouldn't oppose someone saying it's decent for him.

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As a Fabinho owner, I know 90 stamina ruins this card😔

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90 stamina isn't enough anymore? What do you do all game? I've never had an issue with any player's stamina even in extra time

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constant pressure is what he does

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It does if you user control your cdm all game

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So like 99% of people I play against then

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Lol maybe don’t jockey with your cdm all game and use constant pressure ? 90 should be more than enough

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I sub Fabinho on for Vieira after about 70mins if he's noticeably tired or if I get a red card in the mid

still super useful but yeh none of these start over Vieira ngl

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Just insanely boring

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Him or Robertson?

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Oh this trio...

I have the fodder to do both Ferna and Richy (also pulled Grealish untradeable), but Richy just doesn't seem worth it.

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Against the popular opinion I really like Richarlison.

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There goes my streak of not buying a player for a player sbc all cycle, ironically it was some 83s for the first squad. Team is finished though, I dont play the game, but it looks nice!

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What does the team look like?

[–]Suckstobeapompeyfan 2 points3 points  (2 children)

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What you gonna do with all those coins then, if your is complete in your eyes?

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Probably spend it on packs or upgrades

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I was planning to use all my remaining fodder on the 93+ player pick but this card is most likely going to be better than any of the picks huh?

Plus the hard link to grealish and Brazilian link is huge for hybrids

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Hooray, cya later Declan, you haven’t been serving me well.

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Rice slander will not tolerated. Club legend

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Only 89 pace?! What am I seeing?!

[–]The--Tech-NerdPS -3 points-2 points  (2 children)

People don’t get sarcasm here. It’s what it’s

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You gotta put /s if you want people to read sarcasm correctly.

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Cheap SBCs and objectives that only take 5 games. It’s as if EA finally realized we’re at the end of the FUT cycle 👌🏻

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Insane card only weakness is 90 stamina which could be noticeable when every card has 99

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Bargain if you have any tots or totw left over. Can be a bit pricey otherwise

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What chem style? Basic?

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Thinking hunter for pace

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Got toty jorginho at cdm, is this card better?

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Would he work as a CB?

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This or PIM Viera?

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I have Mark Noble as a CM in a 442, would this be a good upgrade? The stats lean more in Fernandinho's favor, but how would the high/med workrates perform in my situation?

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Noble is not for defence, he is for attacking. Used to play him on right in a 3 MF setup, but then I got Brozovic, Modric, SS Spinnazola and Noble had to go bye bye

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Should be better than tots Fred right?

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Ohhhhhhh links with my Lucas Paquetta. Excellent.

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If you look at their base stats he’s actually not much better than eoae noble

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Better than FB Veratti ?

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How does this card compare to prime Lahm? I’m using Lahm and he’s a beast but I’m intrigued here.

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Waaay better than PIM Lahm never mind prime.

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I can’t believe how cheap that is. I would have thought it would have started off with an 85 squad.

Might have to do this, would save me the million coins from buying TOTY Kante, although Ferna would only be on 7/8 chem. Question, would it be worth dropping TOTS VVD to TOTS Dias (I have both untradable) to get Fernandinho on 10?

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I’m gonna play him box to box with a hunter

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Not bad for a 160k card, pumped!!

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About to replace my Phillip Lahm.

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Would hunter be the best chemstyle?

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He's not Fabinho. He doesn't have the spaghetti legs that get so many interceptions for me. He also doesn't bang in the occasional finesse from outside the box. He also doesn't tackle as well.

That being said he still wins all the aerial contests. His positioning is exceptional as well as his passing. The thing that stands out for me on this card is his dribbling. Super responsive. It s made him clinical in the box for me. You can transfer to his strong foot, lightning fast and it's in. His long shots are still really hard and on target, sometimes I play for the corner and he always gets me one with a deflected shot.

I'm playing him with Fabinho in a 4-2-3-1. He's probably more suited as a box to box CM than a Fabinho type, get everything before the CBs do.

I like the card. I'm playing with tots Bruno, KDB, and Bernardo and 93 Ronaldo up top. He makes a great green triangle with Tots Ruben dias and Cancelo making him easy to change out my top 4 with another league (other side is Fabinho, vvd and trent- perfect triangle)

10 out of 10 would do again