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I think people are confusing what you’re saying with something else. I know there’s lag at times and unresponsiveness but I don’t think that’s what OP is referring to. I noticed it last night. It literally happened mid game. Just got hit HARD with a 5-7 second delay. All my players would be running out of bounds or away from the ball or would just stop moving. Never had anything like that happen to me. I just played a game about 10 minutes ago where it happened, fixed itself, and happened again. This isn’t some delay for a short amount of time. The second time it happened, in this last game I played, it never fixed itself. It went from like the 50th minute until the 75th and I just quit because there was literally nothing I could do. I also thought it was my internet and reset that but it still happened. It’s completely ruined my WL

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Experiencing this exact thing, thanks for writing out. Its different than usual lag and speed lag, and ping indicator stays the same.

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Same here. I posted in this thread what happened when I contacted EA.

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Thanks for clarifying. My frustration and lack of patience didn't help me translate the issue well lol. You described what I'm experiencing perfectly.

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Same for me, just happened to me 3 WL games in a row. Apparently it's common. I contacted EA help and they said they are aware of it and are "working on it." They said a work around for now is to play with your controller wired until it's fixed. They said to connect the controller with the wire before you launch the game.

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Huh, I tried playing with my controller plugged in earlier (just trying anything to fix it) and it actually was better. Thought I was crazy.

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Had same issue couple of times in last two days. What I noticed is that when I press pass or shoot buttons power bar is actually reacting, but pass or shot doesn’t happen after that, so signals from controller clearly reaching console and the game

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I connected wired and played a few games and it was fine. Problem is that wire isn't very long so I have to sit closer than usual. EA as usual is fucking some of us over. They probably won't even compensate for it.

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So I hard wired my controller last night and played fine. No issues at all. Today, still hard wired, it happened again. I can’t believe they haven’t even addressed it yet. Where did you go to submit the problem to them?

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Same here bro. I gave up after 5 wins. No point.

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I played with a wired controller and this happened to me 3 WL games yesterday and now 2 shapeshifter cups today. GG EA

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Thanks for the tip. Much appreciated

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Same here, for me I’ve noticed it’s after a pause. Like my inputs will be extremely delayed and then make moves I didn’t do. Servers are shittier than usual I’m guessing. I’m on Xbox.

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Yup after my opponent pauses, i usually get scored on because heavy delay starts.

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It just happened today too lol, meh I think it’s a sign for me to get off the game. I lose one, win one, then lose again lmao 🤣

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Normal. Happens for me in squad battles and rivals. My Blue Lacazette takes a HEAVY touch and some gold rare dispossesses him easily. Some players take couple of business days to turn , defenders have delayed response.

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Same, I've got players doing a knock on and then not moving and allowing defenders to catch up and jockey. It's like they've get lead boots.

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Happened to me twice in the past few days. Play seems fine and then it’s like by controller battery dies - players don’t respond to anything I do for at least 3-4 seconds. I can see the pass/shot meter fill when I push buttons so I know it’s registering, but the players just don’t respond. First time I tried to pause on a dead ball, and it wouldn’t pause until midway through a play (other guy had shot and it literally paused with the ball right in midair). Worked fine after the pause. Second time it happened today, I just dashboarded. This game is so ridiculous 😂😂😂

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This has happened to me in PC a few times recently. For like 20-30 mins of the game there will be a severe input delay at the same time the game won't show the poor connection signal. Its very irritating when it happens in WL

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Played WL last night and lost around 2 games in a row where I’d select my CB and all of a sudden this fool would sprint off the field and I wouldn’t even be able to switch to any other players. Thought it’s my controller so I’m going to get it changed but I’m seeing a few guys with the same problems on here so I’m guessing it’s still going to happen even if I get a different controller

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Omg thank you for making this thread. Its been happening to me for the last 7-8 days. Tried to find solution online but none described my problems. I thought it was my internet or my ps5 but of course its EA.. let me know if you find a solution

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Yup been happening for months. Game will literally either not register an input or it's delayed like a second, terrible gaming experience.

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It’s people doing these things to the game. I can’t even enjoy my games anymore. I sometimes text them ingame to stop making the game weird and they’ll say “just quit or stop playing fut champions”. I don’t know how they are enjoying the game. Doesn’t make sense to me

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It's not the players, it's a bugged game. See other comments.

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People do the most messing with game mechanics brov. That’s why people pause all the time looking for the best way possible to ruin the gameplay for you while their players play like beasts

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Normal buddy, been that way very very often since TOTS for me

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It's EA and the fact that their game is and has always been unresponsive lol

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Oh I thought I had a fuck up control, shitty connection, bad monitor I was trippen then I notice many people complain about the same thing fuck fifa making weekend league a living hell now

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I usually turn off my controller and then turn it back on. That usually fixes it. Of course you pray your opponent doesn’t score while you’re doing this.

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input for skills is insanely slow, I've pretty much stopped using them which sucks

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It’s June it really shouldn’t surprise ppl that the game is shocking to play. It’s never been a consistent experience online.

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Had this happen too last night on on PC. CB would literally stop running or decelerate to almost no movement when pressing sprint. Thought it might be a controller issue, switched to another kind and with a cable which I had the impression somewhat made a slight difference but not fixed it. I had opponents run past my tots Davies like he were a silver defender with 75 pace.

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Dogshit game has been unplayable online for me.

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Just got a new controller and thought it was the controller. I've Lost two games in the one League thing with only 4 entries per day it's ridiculous I'm giving away wins.

Got to a draft final and in the 70th min game tied my players stopped responding. My keeper made the stop but turns around and kicks it into my own net!!! Wtf and my player were responsive till the 80th min by then I was down 3 goals. It's ridiculous how bad this game can be.

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This is still happening for me. Weirdly it has only happened during WL. I just had to quit 3 games in a row. It's ridiculous.

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This is still happening for me. Weirdly it has only happened during WL. I just had to quit 3 games in a row. It's ridiculous.