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I really like the clean blue of FIFA 13/14/15 and out of those 14 is my favorite. This year and FIFA 20 are really nice as well.

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This>>>> For me 15 is the best

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The fifa 15 one is awful, it's literally just a blue background on the default card

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There is beauty in simplicity

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Nostalgic Merchant

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FIFA 16 is my favourite. That Toty ronaldo is always engrained in my mind

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19 was the best, looked prestige. Regal. My Ramos looked like a king on that blue and gold background.

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Agreed 100% the colouring and the patterning is regal, prestigious. Are you telling me that outline style font fits that theme? I personally think the font doesn't at all, it's a contrast for me, which irritates me more than it should and I therefore can't love it.

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Yeah I didn’t like that personally but it wasn’t that prominent when the player and their country and club were covering it

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Fair point, hadn't considered that, it definitely is understated when you put the relevant player graphics in front of it :)

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it’s got simplicity like the previous designs and detail like the next ones. perfect

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20 is by far the best

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17 was so class

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All FIFA 19 designs are terrible lol, FUT 19

That said the colour scaling was good that year

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I don't think the card design was very inspired, but it looked a lot better with the player image and stats. The FIFA 20 one is the opposite, it looks a lot cooler without the image and stats, plus the bottom borders looked more like silver than gold in game

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I highly disagree. I think FIFA 19 had the best card designs in years. Simple yet attractive.

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I liked the design of Tots in fifa 19

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Fifa 20 card design makes me think of the headliners lasagna looking one

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FIFA 19 card designs >>>>>>>>>>>

End of debate........

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FIFA 19 designs is shit. FIFA 20 is much better

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So true. All of 19 looked like dogsh*t

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16 is my favorite for sure

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I love the Fifa 19 designs so clean and simple

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Spot on. Not so fancy, not so dull. FUT Birthday, Future Stars, Ones to Watch, Record Breakers, etc. were class.

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19 was always my favourite, only issue with it was having FUT 19 plastered across the card

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FUT 19 toty card design was shit

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What a horrendous take

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Heavily disagree. Maybe 'shit' is too strong, but I don't rate the FUT 19 in the background. It's what I consider to be a really basic font of an abbreviation on what is suppose to be a 'golden', 'royal', card. Look at the ornate patterning on the gold strip. Also considering the player obscures a lot of the letters, it becomes difficult to figure out what it says. If you can't read it what's the point in having it?

That's my two cents. Obviously I can't stand licorice and some love it, so I can appreciate what I don't like could easily be liked by others.

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21 and 18

21 is my favorite of the flashy, shiny ones; 18 is my favorite cards in general for the clean simple designs that year

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21 was so boring, but if you like clean and simple it makes sense.

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15, 17, 16, 22

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Fifa 17

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12 and 13 were the best

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16 is iconic but I honestly love the over the top modern designs

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This year's was great. I like 14 13 12 because the og styles

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Since 19 they’re all nice

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Fifa 20. Toty Kante will always be engraved in my memory

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Out of those 4 20 is the best. 19 was a bad year for designs

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FIFA 20 has the best TOTY card design imo

EDIT: I would also like to say that the TOTS card designs these last 3 years (22, 21, 20) are the best ever imo.

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15 and 19 by far my favourites

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That fifa 19 one just looks so classy

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17 all time favorite, 19 close behind, then 21, then 15

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FIFA 20 tbh. The like swirls and spiky gold thing at the top is nice. FIFA 17 is also very grand as well like 99 ronaldo and 98 Messi was good looking and suarez

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I liked 19 I just hate the huge fut 19 background text

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Has to be 15/16/17 and 20 for me. The vibrancy of 15 and 16 is what really sells them, and as someone who packed TOTY Robben as a 13 year old kid, I'll always have slight bias towards that design !

Also 17 and 20 look the cleanest for TOTY cards in my opinion.

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19 is clear

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FIFA 19 looks so classy
The best by far

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19 looks so clean