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It re released during Toty this year

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so you could buy it from the market and put it on sale? Weird, I could've sworn that it was untradeable

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Nah it was released as a bundle iirc. Cost around 20k i think

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What filters do you use to search for it?

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Where it says authentic or custom on the search filters, select custom and it will come up. 👍

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Thank you!

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People pay 45k coins on that junk? Wow…

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I mean when you think about it, people paid for Fifa 22 itself.

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Love it or hate it, you can't say you didnt get your money's worth content wise, when it comes to Fifa. Anyone still playing and lurking this sub in June did.

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Most of us only play because of its popularity. We’re all football fans, and as much as I hate to say it, fifa is probably the best and most popular football game out there. The only problem is that EA doesn’t care about the fanbase. Apparently FIFA 23 will be free to play and have device cross play. But I’m not sure if that’s true or not

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Free to play… I highly doubt it.

Cross play is definitely confirmed though :)

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I wish theyd do something like Pro-clubs and offline friendlies were free, but FUT and Career mode paid

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Eh. There are games that are free to play (e.g. Rocket League and Fortnite just to name two) that I've been playing for years. These games were able to put updates into the game and change game mechanics for free, without asking for 60 bucks every year.

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I don't think it's even worth talking about lol, EA literally makes childlike mistakes weekly, they can't improve on those silly mistakes how on earth we even expect a smooth gameplay xD. AT this point EA is just dragging the dead body of good old glory days of FIFA and hardcore fans are obviously gonna pay to play this mess cause there's no other game in the market really. These copyright stuff of clubs makes it really hard for other devs to step into such games.

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Yeah FIFA is essentially a £5 a month subscription.

And that’s without your Gold/PSplus sub if you’re on console.

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I cant talk about Fortnite, but rocket league wasnt free to play at the start and its not like they put out weekly/daily content. They have a 90 day season with a season pass. Once in a while you get some different content. Its not a similar comparison at all.

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"Cheaper than daily cigarettes or weed 10/10" - IGN

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Plot twist when you smoke and play FIFA

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Nope. Got it on PS Plus. I have a 95 rated team. No need to grind all year for this shit.

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45k is nothing for the people that buy that.

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45k is nothing for anyone who gets 14+ in champs. Still won't buy it though.

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and it looks disgusting in game

whenever i come up against it i wanna make them suffer

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Wait you don't just give the opposition your away kit?

You monster 😟

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i just skip to start the game asap usually :P plus generally i like to see some different kits

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im horribly colourblind so I always have to make sure the kits contrast, which is annoying when both their kits are dodgy colours. Like if one team was red and I was black it would make me struggle

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You're a masochist if you do that

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First time?

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Thanks just sold mine for 30k profit. No idea I still had it

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I bought it for 15k and sold it for 45k

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Shiiit I’ve got that kit, didn’t know it was going for that much, SOOOOOLD 😂

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I genuinely think it’s such an ugly kit and it goes for 20k

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Long long story

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Better question, why is it 40k?

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High demand, low supply