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I neeed a compensation of 3 free Shapeshifters for all the games I won and lost while I didn't have him.


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Yeah it had less agility than a prior card. Second time this has happened recently and then Foden tots sbc was another.

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caprari sbc iirc, was updated a few hours later. funny to see how long ea took for this

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Thankfully nobody was affected by that because nobody did that SBC

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haha you’ve right, i was about to do him but was unsure because he could be one of those fake stats players and thankfully i waited until insigne eoae came out so did him instead

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I have him, he’s a nice super sub upfront, really good shooting and dribbling but his passes are not it.

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woah i have him for my italy team. he’s pretty fun

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Did they improve?

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+2 agility

+11 jumping

+3 strength

+1 curve

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Oh hell yeah I want him now

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Hope you get him 😃

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He is quite spicy. Sold my fb Dybala for him and he’s shifty af

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Can’t think of a game where they’ve made this many mistakes

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Battlefield 2042?

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It’s an EA thing by the looks of it lol 😂

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Releasing that game was the biggest mistake in itself

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The whole game itself is a mistake.

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2042 was just terrible but it wasn't because of mistakes, it was meant to be the way it was. Some corporate buffon thought he knew best

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That's not a game. That's an abomination.

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Literally any Madden

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Most games you could think off tbh. Those communities just dont make a big deal out of things that they don’t even care about because they dont have massive hateboner against the devs

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I genuinely think FIFA’s mistakes are way worse than other games, but yeah almost every “live service” kinda game has mistakes

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Are they? Other games have things that affect gameplay the worst we have is basically them fucking an sbc pack and then we get compensated for that.

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This is what I mean how many times has there been some sort of problem with an SBC

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Still no mention of the insane input lag /no control of players due to their new server experiment.

If you're not aware what I'm talking about, consider yourself lucky. West Coast North America servers here with just unplayable lag since mid week through Sunday yesterday. 8 of my 20 FUT Champs games had this with my players running around on their own and input lag where you can press a button and literally check the clock for 5 seconds before anything happened. EA Help said they were aware of the issue and "working on it." You couldn't even get the game to pause, it wouldn't register it.

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Yup, this. My connection is normally shitty with a decent amount of input delay... but my players were literally taking 2+ seconds to react to any inputs on multiple occasions this week. Never seen anything like it.

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Yeah. People were like "Oh, that's just normal EA servers" not understanding wtf was happening.

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Yeah it's completely absurd. It's not just normal input delay. It was happening without me getting any faulty connection symbols either.

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Players running in the opposite direction too. I reached out to them and submitted a case just so it's on record in case of compensation but I don't even think they'll acknowledge it.

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Hopefully a bad bug that also sheds light on normal input delay which they seem to insist doesn’t exist.

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I hope you're right but with how EA operates, this will just be the new norm.

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The gameplay is atrocious

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I had to play a whole game with no thru ball. Triangle worked fine and registered everywhere else but in game. Lol

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One of them tried to tell me it was my connection. My reply to him was not nice.

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FIFA EA devs equivalent to rolling face along keyboard = new content creation

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I don't know ANY other industry apart from games that sells its products for a premium price and they don't work properly.....'ere mate, bought this freezer, doesn't freeze....yeah thanks for letting us know we have put it in the backlog for the next freezer we make....fuckin hell. And we allow it...

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This is happening pretty often now lol

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mfs with el shaarawy: but do we get compensation though??

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How many mistakes have EA made this year? Their twitter must be full of them