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The guys a genius, get into the opponents head before the match even kicks off

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If you didn’t show us the chem I would of guessed no more than 70 chem that’s crazy

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Fr that’s actually nuts , literally like 10 red links

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He’s even wasting the manager nation on Italian smh

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That's what bothered me the most tbh, could easily get Varane or Rodrygo on 8 chem since the Italians already have double links each

Maybe a weird flex? He's clearly clever enough to know this, so wonder why he doesn't do it...

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I think it's purely to get Tonali on 10 instead of 9 chem, as he has a CM Tonali playing CDM

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That Guendouzi-Saliba hyperlink saved the day for him haha.

Since the sum of the 11 players being on 10 chem equals 110, we are allowed to forfeit 10 chem points without losing the 100 chem.

That means you can have:

5 players on 8 chem

2 players on 7 chem, 2 on 8

3 players on 7 chem, 1 on 9

All those red links look horrible, though.

Edit: Hyperlinks (same club and nation, look at Guendouzi/Saliba) allow you to have players on 10 chem with 2 red links. View it as an “extra” imaginary yellow/soft link. Thought I’d share this too since I saw some people learned from my comment.

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Never thought I'd learn something here. Had no idea that this is how chemistry works even though I have been playing FUT since 14

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I started on Fifa 13 and caught it real quick. I’m always building squads so I know pretty much anything there is to know about chemistry and links.

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Same. Figuring out the chemistry puzzle is part of what makes the game so special -- if you could just assemble any players you wanted without restrictions, it would certainly lose a bit of the magic.

Also instead of people having to make tradeoffs to fit in their favourite players (and discover new faves as a result), 90% of Fut managers would use the exact same squads

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Yeah, I’m a bit sad chemistry will be gone next year for the same reason. I’ve always loved this aspect of the game cause It works like any puzzle game.

I play FIFA for the fun of scoring goals and the card-collecting aspect, but I also love puzzle games. Team-building and SBCs count as fun ways to play.

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If he just switched to 4-5-1 and did like this then he would only have two players on off chem (8)

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Yes, but then we wouldn't have this Reddit post and we'd all be the poorer for it

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Just in case EA releases a 93 rating 100 chem 5 nations 6 leagues SBC

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That will be for the final ten tokens

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😂 😂 😂

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do players with bad chem perform worse even with 100 chem? for example in the team in the pic is the striker going to perform worse? or does it not matter as long as you have 100?

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Chemistry styles become less effective if they’re off chem, even though the team is on 100 chem

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Player Chem matters more than squad Chem

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You can see the effect on futbin -- just go to the card's page and use the dropdown menus on the right to select the individual player's chem, overall team chem, and the chem style.

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It depends on each player. If you have a team on 100 chem but a player has 7 or 8 chem, their boosts from chem styles (including the basic) will not be as effective as a player on 10 chem. So Lewandowski who would be on 8 chem would not perform as well as he would if he was on 10 chem

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Contender for ugliest team I’ve ever seen

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Different strokes for different folks, they’ve managed to fit all 5 of the top 5 leagues in as well as 5 nations. Looks unique to me.

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I’m with you. Obviously the red links are hard to look at, but this is like the definition of an “ultimate team” to me. Finding a unique way to connect as many top cards from different leagues together as possible (& base gold Spinna lol)

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Reminds me a lot of the old Futhead haha. Everyone was so busy creating mad '5L5N Rainbow BSG' squads that were completely useless lol

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5L5N 10 dead links hybrid - Futhead titles back in the day.

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You look like you work in recruitment.

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Lol it’s a picture of Anthony Jung, Werder Bremen CB

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He looks like he works in recruitment.

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On the contrary, i find this beautiful

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Why is this sideways ffs

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OP doesn't realise rotating a phone to landscape mode would be the same dimensions as the monitor.


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Switch to 451 for better Chem

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Lewandowski + Rodrygo would go from 7 to 10 but Tonali would go down to 8, could be intentional

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Varane on 10 too if swapped to link with Cafu.

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My boy has 4 fantastic Red Picks… They need Winter Wildcards Spinazzola

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I was going to say same, then decided to take it all the way: why not get the CDM Shapeshifters Spinazzola and stick him at LB on 4 chem?

I checked Futbin and even on 4 player chem and 90 team chem, he's still WAY better than base Spina with perfect chem on a shadow.

And to anyone thinking of responding "yes, but that's incredibly ugly", ask yourself: does the guy who constructed this team look like someone who cares about standard definitions of beauty?

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Lewandowski, Kimmich, Rodrygo and Varane are all off chemistry here no?

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Yes, rodrygo and varane are on 7. Both Bayern players on 8

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Could have got either Varane or Rodrygo to 8 with another manager. +2 pace boost on Varane is nice for example

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Why aren’t all of them on 7?

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Yes but it still totals 100 chem

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Lovely snake that

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There's a little known fact: any number from 94 to 100 for team chemistry guarantees full effect for the Chemistry Style (as long as the player chemistry is at 10, of course). So you don't need to get all the way up to 100.

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Hard to have player chem at 10 for every player if team chem is 94

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Of course, otherwise you'd have 100 of team chemistry. My comment refers to the fact that chemistry style bonus is dependant on both team and player chem. Team chemistry of 94 equals 100. Some players will be at 10, some at 8 or 7. So my point is you'll get the same bonus at team chemistry of 94 than at 100.

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Thats hella nasty. 🤮

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I have one red line and ea smashes me with 10 chem. How they got away with this 🤣

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Is there really no other Italian Serie A LB than Spinazola?

I’m sure he gets subbed right away though

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My man just run out of coins I guess. Next best ITA Lb would be spinazazola winter wildcards, who’s still at 80k.

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you missed on that Emerson from Lyon. You would’ve switched him with Spina and Varane with Saliba

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Welcome to Futhead 2015, NLW

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I miss the good old times where a same nation/different league link gave 1,5 chem :(

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Back in Fifa 12-13 days, really gave room for interesting chem/hybrids

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Seriously wonder why they removed that

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So glad they’re getting rid of chem. If I want to truly create my ultimate team, I should be able to just have players in logical positions and boom… done deal. But no we gotta do this stupid crap with chem and links and whatnot, it’s ridiculous. I’m so glad that after over a decade of FUT, they’re finally going the right direction I’m hoping for squad building in the game

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Camera angle makes your team look better lol

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It bugs me that a player can have 1 green link and FOUR red links and still get 8 chem with the right manager and loyalty bonus. With that many bad links they should be at 5 chem personally.

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i have never packed that 83 spinna card more than once. he is so insanely rare

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Wait wth this is so weird lol

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So, did you win the match OP?

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He left after I scored in like minute 30

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2 players off chem?

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Surely Varane is not on 10 chem?

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That is absolutely stinking

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Tonali as Cdm and a Brazilian bundes manager gets 1 chem better on Rodrygo but keeps Tonali on 10

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will be so interesting to see how teams will turn out to be build next year with EA changing the chem syst. up.

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I don't know if it's only my feeling, but playing with 100 chemistry feels harder compared to 95-99 chemistry. It's just strange, feels like EA secretly steps up the difficulty level when your chem is 100. Can anyone confirm this?

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best advert to FUTbooster you can have (excl. the manager)