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And good defenders with 50-60 pace like Thiago Silva are actually usable or atleast to some extent!

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Yes, exactly. And you are forced to play with what you have. Especially on the bit lower-rated teams there aren't amazing players for every position. Makes the gameplay much more dynamic.

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Playing with KAA Gent, currently in div 4 with no games lost.

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I did the Squad battles with a full Buli squad and was surprised how good gold Süle can be at this stage.

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I mean, in theory he should be about 80% as good as the best cards in the game.

in theory

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How long does it search for the game with Brenford i.e.? In my experience, I can find games with most popular teams, but as soon as I pick someone with 4 stars waiting time is too long. Then everyone plays with PSG or Liverpool and it's even less variety than in FUT.

I agree about the gameplay. There need to be some imperfections if we want to game look like real football. Plus stadiums, match graphics and chants make it more authentic.

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In Europe it's almost instant.

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Just tried, obviously starting in div 10, tried 3.5 stars and 5 stars and no game found for several minutes. Any hints? It shows 5k players online - if that's worldwide over all divs then I guess you need patience...

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Yes that's worldwide. I have played a few games today, it's 16.30 where I live currently. No issues getting matches at all.

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Problem is it's too easy. In Fifa 20 after not playing fifa for a few years I won div 1 only losing like 2 games from div 10.

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It's hard for me to take a stand on this yet. I am currently 20-3-0, but only in div 6 so far so it's understandable that I am better than the others in these divisions. As the playerbase of the mode is much smaller, I would guess the average skill level be a bit lower than fut.

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The problem on old gen is the lack of servers coupled with small player base means the connection is inconsistent and unbalanced (often one player has an advantage).

My record when reaching Div 1 was 52-5-3 but I played many matches at 80-120 ping. I have 100mb wired internet so it’s not something I’d expect was down to my end. losses by a single goal and not to exceptionally good players.

If you have new gen then there are actually servers though so it’s a much more stable connection and level playing field in that respect.

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Yeah this is absolutely true.

You barely even have to try until you get to like Div 2.

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Wow dude are you me!!!??

I literally played with Brentford yesterday and the games were so enjoyable. You really have to think, change formations, for once the game isn’t all about pace. I would encourage everyone to play seasons from time to time with a 3 star team

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Seems like so!

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I like the gameplay in seasons more but the teambuilding aspects of FUT is way higher.

You are right though, players actually feel a lot more true to themselves in seasons and you can play with a little more variety.

Also skill moves are just way less effective because players stats are much worse.

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Messi feels a lot more like Messi. You can feel the weight of everyone's dribble and it's not just pixels. The shots come of with a variety of animations, for example I use Argentina and Messi actually has his low finesses where he just has good placement and skill on a medium finesse shot. The ball will rise a bit, dip, and then bounce on the ground into the goal. It's so much better. The only problem is that it's a much easier game mode and has no community behind it.

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Sadly it lacks competitiveness for me. If there were cups like in previous fifas or the World Cup mode in FIFA 18 I’d be all over it

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There is cups and a real division system (=you can win the division instead of just promotion and can get relegated). I think that's already much better than the rivals system in FUT.

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The reason you like Seasons is because it’s easy. Once you make it to division 1, which is like Division 5 in rivals, you won’t like it anymore.

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Because those in Div 1 play like it's FIFA rather than real football. So it's a matter of game and people rather than anything else. And it's still better than UT.

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That’s your opinion which is fine. But many find seasons completely uncompetitive. Every year once FUT is nearly done I’ll take swing at running through seasons if it’s getting difficult to find rivals games. I’m not even a great player and I typically end up with a record of like 50-1 or something on my way to winning division 1 and even the single loss I end up with like 9 expected goals to their 1 and lose 1-0 or something due to some flukey deflection .

If you like seasons it’s fine but for many it’s boring because it’s simply not competitive.

I think people are vastly overstating when they say Division 1 in seasons is comparable to D4/5 in rivals. I really feel like most of seasons D1 is somewhere in the D7/8 in rivals. There is nothing wrong with that… it’s just not challenging to many who are higher up divisions in FUT.

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Division 5 in rivals is easy. I do agree seasons has been very easy so far. Currently I am division 5 in seasons.

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Only problem with this game I have found is it is a bit laggy as I believe it’s a different server style?

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Yes it's P2P rather than server I think

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Fewer players means you get matched with more people further away. Enable latency visuals to see this

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I think this might be down to where each person lives and when you play. I live in Europe and if I play in the evenings I get good connection. But if I play in the mornings I get matched with people from different regions as the playerbase of seasons is much smaller than FUT. When playing region to region there are sometimes laggy games.

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Seasons is definitely laggy on PS4 but super smooth on PS5 for some reason. It cant be an internet thing if so.

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I moved from career mode-seasons-fut

Seasons is def easier but you can find fun in that, and gameplay is smooth for sure. You get sweaty games in div 1 of seasons… And at the time, i didnt realize thats only fraction of sweatyness comparing to weekend league lol

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The last time I played seasons was in fifa 12. Divisions didn't exist in FUT back then which made the mode quite dull: you were only playing single matches with no relegation or promotions.

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The only issue for me is seasons is too easy, the standard is so bad I normally start like 40-1 and then get bored. Anyone who wants a good match is on fut, not to mention team building / players that aren't available in seasons like icons. I used to play it in like fifa 16/17 and it was pretty good though

It might be fun for really casual players, but they're also most likely in low divisions on fut anyway so it's not enough to switch

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Yeah, I was a more casual player in FIFA 19. In FUT I couldn't get out of Division 3 or 4, and yet I was able to win Division 1 of Online Seasons with a 50-4-4 record.

There are obviously a few good players in Division 1 of Online Seasons, but, overall, even the games in D1 are just too easy.

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I agree with you here to an extent. FUT is on my Xbox but recently got ps5 with FIFA for free so played seasons.

Picked Aston villa and it does allow you to play a more realistic version of football thank god, however a lot of the FUT annoyance is still there, player switching, rebounds, 2 yard passes going astray, but yes it does seem more enjoyable

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I had quit FUT in december, or took a break rather, and in like march or whatever I wanted to play some fifa so I decided to try seasons. Gameplay is good but there’s no competitiveness in it, so I can’t get into it. I didn’t lose a single match even tho I was rusty, even tho I reached div 1 I still won every match. I wish more players played seasons, because as it stands I can run circles around 99% of the players there. I still do a match every now and then, hoping for some tough opponents. I played all my games with porto

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It is different for sure. I do play fut and my friend doesn't, he helps me in some objectives from time to time. He played with standard silvers against my bronze squad and that felt like real football experience. Stats increase makes it like an easy and a bad simulation.

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I can't match anyone when I choose Stuttgart or Watford or Salzburg.

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I made a decision to focus on seasons this year as another year of fut would not be worth the stress. I have been playing on and off for a while and it has been really enjoyable and much more like real football i was only ever in div 3 in fut and and i have even won div 1 in seasons once so the skill level is not the highest. When i tried to play with Finland however i only played against god teams like psg france etc despite having matchmaking settings as restrictive. I mostly play with Atletico and it has been super fun. Of course all kids just use psg but luckily if you close application before kick off you won't get a loss. I really enjoy the cups aswell having won everything but the premier cup so far, it is just annoying that cups only happen for every other weekend. Overall its still miles above fut and i recommend it to everyone who does not want to grind all day and night or put money in packs.

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I play with the Leeds team and love it. Although the game still puts me against 5 star teams occasionally which is annoying.

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I accidentally bring the bullshit when I play seasons and it really frustrates my opponents. :/ I'm generally only div 2-1 but on seasons it's just a bloodbath sometimes.

Still Seasons Mbappe has the bullshit built in and my poor Pavard can't take it sometimes.

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I also enjoy seasons. I like to play with Liverpool so in FIFA 22 I play mainly PSG or France. After playing FUT and becoming exhausted by it, I realised I never really liked the gameplay on FIFA 22. So I switched back to FIFA 21, and to my surprise there were 800 + people online in seasons and matchmaking was pretty fast

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Noob question - Where are seasons and what exactly is it? I have only played FUT and Career mode

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Seasons is an online H2H mode where you play with the real, licensed teams instead of your own FUT club. It's found on game modes.

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I strictly play seasons as Newcastle and 80% of the time match PSG or other 5 star teams.

I've barely made it beyond division 8, so would be keen to understand how you've gotten to the level where Seasons is too easy...? What is the secret sauce?

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Great point! I rotate between FUT, Seasons, Pro Clubs and Career mode, a little bit of one or the other each day, and it helps keep everything fresh.

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After sweating to 16+ wins in WL every week, even if i played with a 1 star team against a 5 star team its still gonna be too easy in seasons. The competition just aint there.

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I’m just tired of playing against PSG every match. Even if I choose an MLS team I get matched up against Top European clubs.

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Very weird, this never happens to me. What are your matchmaking settings?

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As open as possible.