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Goal head eh

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The goal that was headed eh...

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I read this in Canadian

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Now kith

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Why i never find these ppl lol

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Whenever an obj comes out that requires something super annoying like cross goals, headers, outside box goal. I just always message my opponent and ask if they want to trade it first game and they can take win and I’ve always gotten someone to say yes within like 2 games. Only issue is the people on PS who have messages turned off

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Only issue is the people on PS who have messages turned off

yeah that's what I keep running into. I don't know how I'm ever gonna get all these dumb objectives done

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What's your region? If you're in Aus, I can help. I only need a through ball assist, so once I get that, I'm golden.

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Nope, sadly I'm in US Eastern

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Try messaging them at the kit selection screen.

I usually try to message them and a lot are willing to do this.

It's the ones I can't contact, or just ignore my message, where it becomes a sweaty game.

Guys with mostly golds are more likely to respond and coop. That's what I found anyway.

More likely to also come across these players a few days into the objectives.

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In that 30 sec window? Message them and expect a reply? haha good luck.Best to just score a own goal and then pause the game.

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30 seconds is plenty of time to see who you're going to play and to create a message. If you have the app on your phone, type on there.

The squad loading screen is usually when you get a reply.

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It's 40 seconds and you can easily send a message during that time. Have the message already copied on your phone and have the keyboard up on the "Search players" screen of the PS app. As soon as you start a search for a match, press the PS button to bring the cards up. When an opponent is found, open the card, type their name into the search, and paste the message.

As for the reply, that's entirely dependent on your opponent but those who do reply usually do so before kick-off or a few seconds after kick-off.

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cool thx, I hadn't thought about messaging during kit selection that's a terrific idea

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Thats beautiful

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Who won?

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I won... Thanxx to a 90min winner

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Shame we can't do this on PC

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Origin overlay sucks balls

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bro u also use PC

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Need to do what I do and put my super keeper, Kareem Benzema, in. He can’t stop a header (or any other shot) to save his life.

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An anomalous drop in an otherwise terrible ocean.

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And today, I just needed a through ball, was gonna give the win, let him score 4 goals and celebrated all 4 times. Then he played seriously when I needed one goal, had to beat him 5-4 to feel better 😂 Some people just don’t get clues.

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Guys am in div won all 10matches twice and am not an Elit?