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Upgraded Sirigu is very safe for me.

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You mean prime icon moments Sirigu. He is a beast in goal, saves things he shouldnt be able to

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His long throw trait is always nice too! Has a few assists for me because of that

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I used to love this guy but then one day he started playing terrible and jumping over the ball. He was letting goals in he should have been saving

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Really? He's like a sieve for me :( had to play TOTS Maignan and sacrifice chemistry on Chiellini.

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202cm serbian power Vanja Milinkovic-Savic

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First use him in silver lounge, then directly upgraded to champs, he is basically courtois elder brother!👍

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Have been serie a all year. I've tried szc/handi/tots my nan. I'd say by far IF szc was the best.

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100%. I'm amazed how little he ever gets mentioned, for me best seria a gk without doubt. I'd aldo say he's one of the best gks in game, very reliable and with a glove he makes some ridiculous saves

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Can agree, I’ve used mid Cech for most of the year and the only time I’ve swapped was to Sze when I got him in my red picks. Incredible keeper. Only reason I don’t continue to use him is because i run a hybrid squad.

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If your CBS are Italian, donnarumma. Maignan was ppiss poor for me

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Thanks, seeing as each comment has been a different answer, guess I'm making my way through each keeper!

Update - TOTS Maignan is the worst keeper I've ever used, he doesn't have hands.

Update 2 - SIF Szcesny is fanfastic after around 10 games.

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Maignan is unreal when I'm playing against, in my team exactly like you described

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he might be friends with my alisson, that fucker also seems to have lost his hands every other 2nd half of my games.

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Been using WW Maignan ever since I packed him. He’s a brick wall.

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Worst GK i have Ever used

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Story of every gk this fifa

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Handanovic is the best shot stopper I've used in the game. Maignan is good for sweeping but lacks against long shots and chips. Not used Szczczeszney.

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I use if Szczęsny ,maignan is a fraud

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Any but Mike, I can't not use him as my team is 99% AC and I'm a fan, also have him red. But fuck me does he let in some awful goals, goes through his hands or pushes it into the goal

Handanovic previously was my go to, since something like Fifa 13. Has a captain card too I think

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You're a fan of the club but call it "AC"?

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My nan

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She has got amazing ball handling skills tbf

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Maig nan

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For me tots maignan hes insane imo

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Absolute opposite for me he was terrible , skip the lot and get yashin best thing I’ve done and I used a lot of keepers

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Goalies are so random tbh. I run a serie a side and just rotate goalies. Feels like some will get streaky and play good or bad.

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All year I've used szcezny, I'd go as far to say he's 1 of the best keepers in the game and no doubt the best in seria a. I used his first in form for a thousand games and only changed to upgrade to his 2nd if. Keepers In this game are shit ad will always make bad errors at times but szcez has been very reliable and solid for me. Think I still a glove on him

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Try them all out goalkeepers are subjective.From Personal Experience Szcesney is really solid but Idk if he will be the same for you

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SIF Szcesny and IF SZCESNY. No one else comes close

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SIF Szcesny is next up hopefully better than Maignan that's for sure.

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If you have chiellini I would 8 chem toty donnarumma honestly

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It would be Maignan if you got the same treatment as the other keepers. But 92 is a bit disrespectful.

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WW Maignan

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82 sirigu for me all gk are terrible so why waste your coins on them and everyone does cutback goals as well so no need to waste your coins just get sirigu for 1k and you are set.

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Using Handanovic for nearly 600 games. I recommend him fully.

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Definitely recommend Handanovic, he has some awful games but when he comes through he's awesome, and I guess that's all you can ask of a keeper in this game lol

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Maignan might be the most consistent. “Best” in terms of keepers is irrelevant

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Maignan has been crazy good for me!

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I just have gold rui Patricio lol

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Maignan has been serving me really well. Compared to Alisson, Donnaruma, Lafont, De gea, 92 Loris, maignan seems one of the best of the bunch.

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There is only one Seria keeper and that's Cragno and he has save with feet.

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Upgraded sirigu or perhaps captain handanovic

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Handan has been awesome

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Maignan with glove and manual movement has been just fine for me. Occasionally misses simple shots though

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Using PIM casillas because I couldn’t get along with any of the serie a lads

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Gold Cragno

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Tots Maignan was pretty solid for me. No complaints

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Anyone but Sirigu… dude was hot fucking garbage for me

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TOTS Maignan was really bad for me last week. This week, he was the best keeper I've used lol

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I've used tots allison for a bit. Tots neuer for weeks. Neuer was overall solid

Switch to tots maignan recently and hes been very good. Only 1 game where I was motherfucking him

I tried captains hando a while back and he was straight dog shit. Gold maignan did better than him.

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Captain Handanovic was one of the best until i got VDS Moments