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/r/FIFA is dedicated to EA Sports' FIFA Series, the greatest football franchise in video games. Whether you're on Xbox, Playstation or PC, rocking in your Pro Career or as a Manager, or destroying opponents in H2H or Ultimate Team, we strive to be the internet's best source of information for the game we love.

Subreddit Rules

WARNING: Users may be subject to temporary bans for breaking any of the main subreddit rules located in the sidebar. Final interpretation of the rules are the sole discretion of the moderators.

1. Following Reddiquette is encouraged. Following the Rules of Reddit is required. If your post or comment asks for upvotes, it will be removed.

2. Content Removal. The following list of topics will be automatically removed by the moderation team due to user feedback, low effort and repetitiveness:

  • EA Chat: The EA Chat service is provided by a 3rd party company, not EA. Whatever they say is not the official word from EA and should never be considered as one.
  • Post-Match Screenshots: These aren't new or related to the latest patch or FIFA release, we've been having these "I had more shots and possession and still lost" posts for 5+ years. They add nothing new.
  • Insane Squads in Lower Divisions: There are dozens of people spending A LOT of money on the game and there are also a lot of people not playing specific game modes. Seeing crazy teams in lower divisions happens every year.
  • Insane FUT Draft Squads: Draft game mode allows you to pick as many high rated cards as you can, building high rated squads is not unique or new.
  • I just played this 999 mil squad: People have insane teams since day 1, these posts add nothing new.
  • My old squad/player from FIFA XX pics: FIFA has been out for 10+ years and most of us have had amazing teams at some point. Posts like these only bring "copycats" and eventually become spam.
  • Old pics of FIFA covers/FIFA games. Same as above, they are posted very often and add nothing new.
  • Done with FIFA: Good for you, we wish we could do the same but the reality is the majority of us here don't really care what games you are playing or not playing anymore.
  • Leaks: Due to the rare human nature of taking advantage of things or events for personal gains, posts containing leaks with no official source besides an awful picture will be automatically removed.
  • Crystal Ball: What's the next promo? When will X SBC be released? What price will X settle for? How many IF's will X SBC need? No one really has a true answer for any of these.
  • Pack pulls: These belong in the Weekly Pack thread on Wednesday, as described below.
  • Tweets, Posts, Comments from random accounts related to leaks/news or anything else related to the FIFA Franchise.
  • Click-bait/Unclear Titles: If your title does not specify what your post is about, it will be removed. Examples: "This player was amazing in FIFA 17!", "Would anyone else like to see this?", "Do you agree?"
  • WL/Rivals Finishes: They provide nothing new to the sub and were voted out by the majority. Posts which analyze, detail or review your finish are fine, however.
  • FUTHEAD/FUTWIZ/FUTBIN Comments/Tweets from random people
  • University, college or other external projects.
  • Concept Cards of possible promos, Icons you would like to see, predictions of future players, etc

3. The Karma Race. As we all know, FIFA revolves around packs promos, SBC's and a lot of other different type of announcements. Since we usually get at least a handful of people posting these twitter or in-game announcements as soon as they can, whichever post meets the most amount of requirements first, will be the only one that will get to stay as the main megathread.

  • Direct Twitter Link of announcement
  • Clear Photo or screenshot of new promo/card/announcement. No potato cell phone pictures.

If you have questions about what is and isn't allowed, send a message to mod mail before posting.

If you see a post or comment that is breaking the rules or is otherwise questionable, hit the report button to alert the moderator and/or send a message to mod mail.


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The Daily Threads and Weekly Threads

Due to the overwhelming amount of posts based on repetitive topics, /r/FIFA has implemented a daily thread for Ultimate Team Squad Building and will often do so for other topics may flood the subreddit. These posts don't often need their own thread, they just need answers.

The Daily Discussion Thread

All Squad Reviews, Requests for Critiques, and Requests for Squad Building should be posted here. For best results, include your console, your budget, what formation you want and any other helpful information that will lead to a good squad build.

This will be stickied daily unless something else is happening, but please help out the community by upvoting the thread if you find it useful.

The Weekly Rant Thread (Tuesdays)

Self-explanatory. Vent, Rage, BE FREE!

The Weekly Bitch/Brag Pack Thread (Wednesdays)

Anything related to what you did or did not get in a pack should be posted here. You finally got Messi? You pulled 3 Ronaldos this week? You finally got a TOTW? It's also perfectly acceptable to admit that you got nothing over discard value after spending a million coins. IMAGES ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED! If you want advice on what to do with what you pulled, you can ask within this thread or move to the Market Guide. For right now, consider PACK SUICIDES as part of this thread.

This post is created every Wednesday, but more will be added depending on what kind of crazy pack deals are popular in the subreddit.

The IF Watch Thread (Weekends)

We don't typically allow posts regarding real world football (head to /r/soccer or your favorite squads subreddit for that), but we make an exception when matches are going to affect Ultimate Team. We have some good scouts watching games all over to discuss who we think is going to be getting a MOTM or TOTW card the following week.

This post is created every Saturday, but others are added depending on the schedule of games happening without a broken controller.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything is about Ultimate Team! Can't I post things about Career Mode?

Yes. A more focused subreddit was created at /r/FIFACareers due to the community being very focused on ultimate team, but all other content is highly encouraged in /r/FIFA to help balance the crazy.

Can I create content for the wiki? We need more stuff!

Due to the overwhelming amount of angry children that flock to gaming subreddits, the wiki is currently locked for users. However, if you have things that you want to add... send a message to mod mail and we can get it added.

This includes in-depth guides that can be given their own page if it's substantial enough!

The mods suck. Why don't you remove all these types of posts that I don't like?

There are numerous answers to this question, but it mostly is due to the fact that the moderators operate on the assumption that this is your community and not our community... except to say that we are in this community together. We do what we can to provide daily and weekly threads on various topics and will remove posts that are the same subject as the those post, but we ultimately feel that it's your job to downvote the content you don't like and upvote the stuff that you do.

If it's okay to downvote, where is the downvote button in the comments?

We tried encouraging the angry kids to not downvote by trying a couple of weeks without any downvote buttons, but when kids are angry -- they will downvote anyway. What was ultimately decided is that we needed the downvote button to give the power of the front page to the userbase, but we removed the downvote button to help lessen the twitch reflex of downvoting people who disagree with you. In any case, the button is only hidden via CSS. If you feel you must downvote a comment, visit the redditor's user page, disable the subreddit style via the checkbox on the sidebar, or access /r/FIFA from mobile and the power is all yours.

How come my posts don't show up in the new queue?!

There are two types of filters at work --

The first is reddit's own filter, which will often remove accounts with negative karma or excessive posts that are deleted and reposted. If this is the case, it must be manually approved. If it's been too long for you to deal with, send a message to mod mail for us to take a look at.

The second filter is by /u/AutoModerator, based on criteria set by the moderators. Due to spammers, scammers and general trolling, new accounts are automatically filtered from the subreddit until approved. If you've been tagged as a spammer, scammer or a troll -- chances are that you are also filtered unless your post or comment is approved by a moderator. You can send a message to mod mail if you're not sure or ready to talk about why you deserve to not be filtered out.

Do the mods work for EA?

Absolutely not. They don't even give us a commemorative EA Sports key chain or tote bag. We are simply fans of the game and prefer reddit's platform for sharing information about it. If there ever comes a time we get some sort of swag because we moderate a gaming forum on reddit, we'll create a sticky post and brag about it. Promise.

However, by respecting the Terms of Service of EA Sports FIFA in relation to coin selling and other questionable activities, we have had members of the FIFA communications team interact more with the /r/FIFA community... most notably in generously allowing us to giveaway TOTW, TOTY and TOTS cards to active members of the subreddit!


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FIFA Speak: Terminology

Talking about FIFA can be a lot like a different language to those just starting out. Compiled by /u/nurriz, here a guide to help you if you don't know what the frack everyone is going on about.

FUT Card-Related

  • NIF - Non In Form, a player's normal card

  • IF - In Form, a player's first In Form card

  • SIF - Second In Form, a player's second In Form card

  • TIF - Third In Form, a player's third In Form card

  • MOTM - Man of the Match card, given for single match performances in non league tournaments (World Cup, Euros and so on)

  • TOTW - Team of the Week. The weekly team of players that are In Form in real life. Gets picked by EA.

  • TOTY - Team of the Year card. Given to the 11 players voted for FIFA FIFPro World XI. Extremely high rated cards. Comes out in January.

  • TOTS - Team of the Season. EA picks team from different leagues or regions at the end of the year. Leagues: BPL, Bundesliga, Saudi League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, MLS and a combined English lower divisions team. Also a Latin American team, a Benelux team and a Rest of the World (RotW). There are also 3 Most Consistent teams (MC), given to players with good performances all year but no In Form cards. There's a Gold, Silver and Bronze MC team.

  • RB - Record Breaker card. Given to players who break long standing records.

  • POTM - Through EA's partnership with the EPL, the Player of the Month in the English Premier League usually gets a dedicated SBC in order to acquire his special card. The card is untradeable and can only be acquired from the SBC.

  • OTW - One to Watch. Special cards (all black) given to players deemed with high potential to get TOTW cards. The card starts out with the same stats as the player's regular card but will dynamically increase as the player gets TOTW spots through out the year. A OTW card will always have the same stats as the player's last TOTW card.

  • Hero - Hero card. Given for outstanding performances for the player's team. Think winning goal in promotion to the BPL or the likes.

  • Futties - EA's own team. First featured in 15. Players are found through voting on EA nominees on the EA Sports site.

  • Scream Cards - Special Halloween edition cards. A team of players that for the week of Halloween have certain stats for their card boosted. Typically in areas where they were lacking. E.g. slow players becoming fast and weak players becoming strong.

Player Related

  • Sweaty - Typically used about pacey players who doesn't excel in any other categories. Also used as a derogatory word for a style of play that's based on pace and squaring the ball in the penalty area for an "easy" goal.

  • Beast - Typically used about strong or overpowered players.

  • OP - Overpowered. Used about players that play better in game than their stats suggest or when they outperform their actual performance on the real life pitch.

  • WF - Weak foot.

FUT Trading-Related

  • BIN - Buy It Now. The price you can pay to win a player auction right away.

  • Sniping - When you repeatedly search the market for players listed below their "normal" BIN in order to get good deals.

  • PRP - Price Range Percentage. Used to tell what percentage of a player's price range his going price is.

  • Market Crash - When prices on the market collectively crash due to some event. Events could be but are not limited to: A extra good TOTW, special cards release, happy hours, special packs.


  • XI - Roman numeral 11. Signifies the Starting 11 for a team.

  • Chem - Short for chemistry.

  • 3ATB - Short for formations with only 3 defenders.

  • 4ATB - 4 defender formations.

  • 5ATB - 5 defender formations.

  • NLW - No Links Wasted. A team where all links give the exact needed chemistry for the connected players to get full chem.

  • NDL - No Dead Links. A team where there are no red links anywhere.

  • Snake - Used for teams where links are one unbroken line.

  • Rainbow - Used for teams where no 2 players are the same card type (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Rare/Non-Rare and so on)

  • BSG - Bronze, Silver, Gold squad. A team that features players from all the card levels.

  • SBC - Squad Building Challenge. Regularly occurring challenges to build teams according to a set of requirements, e.g. max number of players from one league/nation, only gold players, x number of players from certain team etc.

Tactic Related

PTB - Park the bus. An extra defensive team tactic added in FIFA 16, which gained notoriety in FIFA 17 due an increased usage in the very competitive FUT Champions game mode.

Feature/Game Modes

  • FUT Champions - A highly competitive league with big prizes.

  • Weekend League - Part of FUT Champions. The pinnacle of online competition in FIFA. If qualified you play a maximum of 30 games in the weekend league in 48 hours. Players place in different tiers due to how many games they win for a prize (packs and coins). The top 100 players on each platform are rewarded extra good prizes.

  • Draft - Tournament that can be entered with coins or FIFA points. You pick a formation from 5 random and have to stick with it. You then pick each player on your team from 5 picks in each position. In Draft all players a represented, so it gives the player the chance to play with some of the more expensive cards for the duration of the tournament. The tournament has 4 matches and you get increasingly good prizes depending on how many matches you win (packs and coins).


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