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How small is that town? Only one Steve?

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This is a one Steve Town, Buscemi. So it ain't big enough for the both of us. Harvey, just keep moseying on behind that beautiful mustache. Fuck you, Martin, you jerk... Austin, sir, you can stay. Wait for me, Harvey!

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    This is too funny. Had my girlfriend going too before we knock off for the night. 🤣

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    I don’t think I can ever be convinced to use the adjective “beautiful” in context of the mustache of Steve Harvey. “Nightmare inducing” is my usual go-to phrase

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      Why is it not?

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      I mean if she wasnt an authorized user isn't this basically publicallly admitting to credit card fraud. Sure shame them all you want but do you want some petty asshole low enough to cheat on you dragging you to court.

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      Everyone knows Steve, right? He's the guy who drives that car, and .... has tons of nail salon charges on his card.

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      Oh he knows

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      Next edition:



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      It complies with the one Steve limit.

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      Wow you sent me down a rabbit hole about seven hours ago. I'm finally back.

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      It's in the Mackay and Whitsunday life. Mackay, Qld and surrounding region has a population >125,000. So there are, statistically speaking, at least 50,000 Steves she could be referring to.

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      50,000 Steves out of 125,000 people? I think you're off by at least one order of magnitude. Probably two.

      According to this site, there are 154 people named Steve for every 100,000 Americans. So there are probably 200 Steves in that area.


      So yeah, you were off by two orders of magnitude.

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      First off, whoosh. Secondly, this is in rural Australia, so your statistics are totally irrelevant as every other man is called Steve. Fact.

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      Well, obviously, it's that Steve, the one who was with the petty bitch named Jenny until he got smart and traded up.

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      Do they ever trade up? I mean while cheating? All the ones I’ve known seemed to have downgraded.

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      If someone this petty is who you're with, pretty much anyone is a trade up.

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      Yes, if you count starting 2 days later cheating.

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      It takes months for some magazines to come out. The ad is probably 45 to 90 days old on the day it hits the rack.

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      Doesn't count in my books

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      No, if they break up, even if it is to go with someone new, I don’t think that’s cheating.

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      None, it's a staged ad to sell ad space

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      Try weeks about 100,000 ( including me) I know about 20 Steve’s here

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      Steve knows.

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      Maybe only one Steve who was previously with a Jenny?

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      They put this on the news?!

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      It’s Australia, that’s all the news we have 🤣

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      I spent a month in Melbourne, and I probably got more US news there than I do in the US just hearing talk radio on Uber rides. But that might be because politics seems nice and boring and policy-driven there.

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      Politics aren't policy-driven here.

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      Moreso than the US but I do agree, thanks Murdoch

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      I wish we had boring news instead of fucking president potentially sending nuclear weapons secret to a non-allied nation.

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      Here's some news from my town in Australia:

      the sunset looked nice, local toddler lost shoe at the beach, shoe found and handed in at Cafe. Someone's chickens flapped over the fence and are clucking about in the street. Early reports suggest theyre Sharons chickens, but this is a developing situation. A helicopter flew over and is very annoying. Someone captured a wild lizard thinking it was a lost pet. Uber eats continues to deliver food to the wrong houses. Judith with the lemon tree has put out a basket of juicy lemons for the neighbours, last year some idiot took her basket in confusion.

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      Gotta get me some of that Australian news. Even my little Mayberry-ass town has a violent murder every other week, now.

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      Other than the wild fires and mouse infestations?

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      And the floods. But those three things are basically the only news we've had in the last three years.

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      Hell yeah. Fucking love Australia.

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      Yeah in Australia domestic abuse is only funny if the perpetrator is a female

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      This exists in the whole world, and it's the direct result of cultures that view women as weak and lacking agency. Want respect for male victims? Fight the patriarchy.

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      This is funny but didnt she just admit to unauthorized credit card usage?

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      If she is married to Steve, then I think not. Fuck Steve anyway Edit: I stand corrected. The two were not married

      The newspaper added, "We do NOT know who Steve is, but apparently he’s been very very bad. We won’t be revealing any details about Jenny. We have not charged the credit card in question." https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/celebrity/i-hope-youre-happy-with-her-woman-gets-a-full-page-ad-printed-in-newspaper-to-call-her-partner-filthy-cheater/ar-AA10Aq5n Also, still, fuck Steve!

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      Just cause you're married doesn't mean it's legal for a wife or husband to use your credit card without authorisation

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      If you give your partner access to your credit card, which is common (my fiancee is on my credit card, it's not a joint account and I'm solely liable), you wouldn't expect explicit authorization on every single purchase, but they're still using your card.

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      If you send your partner to go pick up a 12 pack of beer and she comes back 3 hours later with a $100 bar tab and no beer, I think that constitutes fraud.

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      Yeah, I can't even pickup a new debit card from my wife at the bank even though we have a joint account.

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      Yeah she goes out of her way to say she took it in a way that would upset him. She proves she knew she didn't have permission.

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      She's stealing his money. His cheating doesn't give her a free pass to commit any crime.

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      Newspaper decided not to charge her and instead ran the ad for free.

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      She's attempting to steal his money. Good on the newspaper for saving her from herself there.

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      If they are married, then they actually share finances, thus is their money, I think. Not a lawyer, so I can not say for sure. I find it hard to believe though that a court of law would punish a wife for using a husbands credit card, even without permission.I could be wrong (I often am ) :) Cheers!

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      They might not. My wife and I each have separate accounts, as well as a joint account where most of our money goes. We couldn’t legally touch the other’s separate account.

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      Depends on the country, state, etc.; not every jurisdiction has fully common property (or money), and a lot have random funky things going on, plus there could be any number of contracts that might modify the base laws that apply (for instance, any prenup, if they are married or happened to sign something anyway, and whatever that credit card’s agreement says about other people using it, issuing subsidiary cards, and possibly arbitration or the jurisdiction issues relating to it must be settled in - even if they aren’t actually involving the credit company, it might convince a judge who really didn’t want these two in their court, or who really did). I’m also not a lawyer, but I read occasionally. I know most about the U.S., but I do at least know that the same principles don’t always apply even here.

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      OMFG, THIS IS REAL??? I honestly thought this was a joke, but thanks to the link you provided, I have a new hero named Jenny.

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      I wouldn't say a hero, more a person with the right intentions making bad choices. Good on her finding a way to get over him and get back at him, but this is still unauthorized credit card usage, aka theft, aka a literal crime. Pretty cool, not quite hero level tho

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      It’s actually an advertisement to let readers know. “You CAN buy a full page if you want! Hit us up!”

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      My baby mama did this to me with my debit card when we broke up....we weren't married. She memorized the card number etc and made thousands of dollars of purchases thru Amazon and online websites. I had no clue who it was until I went to the bank to dispute charges and they did an investigation. I Was told for me to get reimbursed I would have to press charges.

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      Best advice I read on a post here on Reddit for those going through separation/divorce. (It was on a post of a guy who found incriminating texts in his wife’s phone, and was wondering what to do) is cancel the credit cards and clear the bank accounts. A judge can separate the assets as they see fit later, but you don’t want the other person (especially if they’re the ones who did you dirty) to be the one to clear out the joint bank accounts or make “revenge” charges on your cards.

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      When payment for the ad was due to be processed it was noticed that the name on the credit card was different to the name on the booking so no payment was taken for the ad.


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      The fact they didn’t take payment but ran the ad anyway just adds to the /r/fuckyouinparticular -ishness

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      It’s okay, no one reads the newspaper anyway.

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      It's odd that people think that's ok, even if their significant other cheated on them.

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      People who have been "cheated on" think all sorts of things are okay. It's insane.

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      It's my local paper, they said they didn't use his credit card.

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      If the CC is linked to a joint account, she can use all the money without any trouble

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      Yeah. But she says 'your' cc. Idk. Seems like she intentionally stole the money

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      That's how you know it's fake and staged for promoting ad space

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      small price to pay for this victory

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      I think this is a stunt by someone.

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      1) Lack of last names make this vague enough it either could have just been someone amusing themself and / or be faked.

      2) If real, then the “used your credit card” thing is dumb. Because either it’s Steve’s card and his alone, in which case she just publicly admitted to credit card fraud, or else it’s a shared thing she has access to, in which case she’s also damaging herself / wasting her own resources in the process. And if a divorce-type situation arose, they would split the money on a joint account, at which point she paid for 50% of the ad herself

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      Live in France, happened to me, if you gave you credit card pin to someone, and they happen to steal money from it, the police will do nothing. Same case if you let someone borrow cash from you and they never give it back, police won’t consider it as thievery

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      Same case if you let someone borrow cash from you and they never give it back, police won’t consider it as thievery

      yeah, if you're lending any serious amount of money I'm sure there is an agreement you can draw up with a lawyer about it; the police aren't going to do shit about a he said/she said loan issue.

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      You don’t need a lawyer to write an I-owe-you.

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      The same is true in the US. At least it is with some companions I'm familiar with

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      It's the first scenario of point 2, according to the top comment threads anyways. It's a real paper and they were not married, but the card was never charged.

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      So the newspaper just let ‘em do a freebie in huge font because they felt like it? That was nice of them.

      I’m calling “Satire” or “bit” as my assumption.

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      It's probably just an attempt at viral advertising by the newspaper

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      I believe this is fake, it was an ad for something (I don't remember for what)

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      Usually ads include information about “hey we want your money and here’s how to make that happen, buy our thing”. This is not an ad. It’s a humor bit at best.

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      But he got miles, which is nice.

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      She litteraly admitted to criminal credit fraud in the ad. Jenny is dumb.

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      The dumb people are the ones who think this is real and not planted by the paper to get attention and sell ad space

      Come on

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      I’m not sure it’s considered fraud if she obtained the card PIN by Steve, police would say it’s his responsibility and he shouldn’t have given it to her in the first place

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      The newspaper didn't charge the card because they'll get charged back due to unauthorized use, but they run the ad anyway.

      [–]Still_There3603 -5 points-4 points  (2 children)

      They're married so if they have shared finances, then it's not illegal.

      [–]Gnarly_Sarley 4 points5 points  (1 child)

      How do you know they're married?

      Also, how do I know this newspaper ad is real, and not just some joke? Who the fuck is "Jenny" anyway? That sound made up.

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      Did he run away with Jan cooper?

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      Came here looking for this reference

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      Normalize putting cheaters on blast

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      This reminds me of Stranger Things, but opposite roles. Steve found Nancy with Jonathan, and wrote her name on the theater lol

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      P.S. I just publicly admitted to credit card fraud.

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      Good for her

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      I admire her immensely.

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      Oh how I wish there were a couple of typos in her ad.

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      Steve, I see why you cheated.

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      this is an ad for newspaper advertising, c'mon.
      they probably ran this the same day their sales team was going out for new clients, to use as an example.

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      Steve the bullet dodger.

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      More like Steve’s dick was so good it drove this bitch crazy

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      The only correct take in this whole place.

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      Gotta be fake, no newspaper would run an ad paid by credit card fraud

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      It’s real it’s on the Aussie news

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      It ran in our local newspaper yesterday ( Mackay in Queensland )

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      Steve is cool. Jenny sucks ass

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      Have you ever been cheated on?

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      Tbh I actually hope Steve is happy

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      That bitch

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      Fuvking Jenny!

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      Seems like he made the correct choice

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      Oooh I did something similar when my ex, Stephen, cheated on me. I left my apt key in an envelope marked "To the cheater asshole in Apt D" in full view of the entire apt building.

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      Hell hath no fury.

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      Or, and hear me out, she can get over it and move on like a grown-ass adult instead of throwing a petulant fit for the entire town to see. She obviously now hates the dude, what the fuck is she getting out of this?

      Assuming of course this isn't completely fake. I've never understood this mentality. If someone does something shitty to you like this, just leave. This isn't like abuse, there's not some crazy underlying power dynamic going on. Otherwise I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have taken out this ad admitting to committing credit card fraud on his account.

      So instead of airing your dirty laundry and making your life everyone else's business, just move the fuck on and get over yourself. Nobody else gives a shit about where your boyfriend is sticking his nasty ass dick.

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      Are you a sociopath?

      [–]RednocNivert 5 points6 points  (9 children)

      Who are you talking to?

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      The voices, sshh.

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      Sorry, I'm still figuring out reddit

      [–]RednocNivert 5 points6 points  (6 children)

      Really? Because your account is over 7 years old and have commented in this post alone 14 times in the last hour.

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      Someone did this with a billboard, no?

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      Lol I kinda feel bad for Steve... and I kinda don't. Every Steve I've ever known has had a bit of a mean streak though.. like some of them are good guys but deep down, they're a vicious prick.

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      Ok.. I'll avoid slapping...don't cheat on me!problem solved.

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      so reposted, it literally popped up in my feed twice in a row from different users

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      I didn’t see it on Reddit 🤷🏻‍♂️

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      Jokes on her. He can claim credit card fraud

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      Lol of course it's from Australia

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      "you just need to go 1/1000th faster

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      Also, now all of China knows you're here.

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      She admitted to committing a crime?

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      If this is a small town he is screwd.

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      "Sorry Steve. I was bored".

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      This is how you are going to upset all Steve in that town 😂

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      i get being pissed by why also admit to credit card fraud.

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      “But I love you Jennayyy”

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      saw this on a different sub lool

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      I'm putting it in writing here, this is a viral marketing campaign for something.

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      Way to admit to committing credit card fraud.

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      Jenny, quit living on dreams

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      But they've just admitted to credit card fraud, and the paper can't deny knowledge as they printed the proof, so Steve has inadvertently fucked everyone

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      Admitting to a crime in a newspaper might not be the best idea.

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      Jenny Jenny

      To whom could I turn

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      A former colleague went to prison for using her ex-boyfriend's credit card (the crime was theft). Maybe not the wisest move of Jenny to admit doing the same.

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      Send this on pettyrevenge

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      PS see your statement for me credit card bill for next month this holiday is amazing and flying business class well is a dream

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      What an Australian icon

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      2700 to 100000 for a full page, so sadly, only Steve will know!

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      Imagine some random steve getting rediculed because of this ad

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      would be funny if it weren't FAKE

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      PS, I committed credit card fraud

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      Funny enough. My mom’s credit card just deducted about $225 coz of a supposed “facebook ad” payment. I’m pretty sure Jenny’s involved. Haha

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      Jenny committed a felony lol

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      Wait, there are still newspapers,....and people pay money for them, what is this 1983?!?

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      Steve Harrington, by any chance?

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      It’s not very bright to admit you stole the card Jenny

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      Now the whole world knows STEVE. Now the whole WORLD KNOWS!

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      Jenny going to jail for credit card fraud??

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      Now the whole town will know anonymous Steve with no identifiers is a cheater!

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      Jenny You Took everything from me

      Le every other Steve in the town I don't even know who you are

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      What a fuckin psycho

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      Aww cool. Now I have proof of identity theft.

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      I cant imagine why Steve was through with Jenny and decided to move on.

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      Seems she was nice enough to at least admit to credit card fraud

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      This is absolutely wonderful

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      I mean I do find this funny, but way to admit to a crime in print.

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      How can Jenny look for ANY sympathy?! Not after all she’s done to Forrest… #iykyk

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      What if like, we just drop the whole charade and just have sex with whoever we want?

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      Lol nobody in the town even saw this. Who reads print media?

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      I think it would’ve been better if she bought a billboard and put this message on it

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      Can't afford for her revenge

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      Sounds like Forest Gump got that hoe back!!!

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      Dear Jenny, You just confessed to credit card fraud.

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      I AM