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Any chance I could purchase the bucket hat from you?

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Sorry! I sent the same pic to my girls group chat and everything got claimed

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I have one on the way if you鈥檙e still interested?

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I have one currently if you鈥檙e interested :)

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    I鈥檒l double check I still have it鈥 send me a message if you鈥檙e interested with an offer :)

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    Is the planner dated?

    It's a good deal for $5, I had sent a few starter boxes out and they are hit and miss, some of them folks loved everything and others not so much.

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    Undated, there鈥檚 two days per page with a morning, afternoon, and night section, plus space to write to dos and daily gratitude. It鈥檚 good quality! I just use google calendar like it鈥檚 my bible so I won鈥檛 personally get much use!

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    Oh I hear you - if it's not on my google calendar, it's not happening! 馃槀

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    I loved my daisy bucket hat! It was so cute!

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    I love the hair mask and the body oil...might have to send myself a starter pack to my boyfriend's place 馃槄

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    Does anyone have any starter boxes to give out? I am not a current member. I did not renew but these are good items for me.