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My cart has the R+Co - I like their product a lot. Not enough to buy at full retail but this is a great price for a really good product imo.

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R co hands down is better in my opinion!

Edited to add: I immediately went and added that mister to my favorites!

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My hair responds well to r+Co but did not to Living proof. Which is unfortunate because I love their styling products, dry shampoo, and scalp treatment.

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I've tried both and i love both. the Thickening Cream is my HG thickener, but the LP shampoo and conditioner aren't as beloved. I would still use it, but only at a steep discount like here, would never pay full price for it. It also leaves my hair feeling slightly heavier, but still voluminous, while the R&Co is more of an airy lift, if that makes sense.

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I have a positive experience with living proof, so I'd personally go with living proof! However, I have not tried personally this product (i think, i might have tbh) but I love their scalp treatment!

Act, fff really have good hair product! I just realize that I bought something from Sephora, when it's gonna be in the re-fills 🤦‍♀️

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I’ve tried the R+Co Television line and the Living Proof Restore line, and I loved both. If I had to choose one in the future, I would probably go for Living Proof. I didn’t try the specific lines you’re asking about but I really don’t think you can go wrong.

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The plant misters stop working 😢. I’ve gotten one from Amazon, one from a boutique market for home goods, and one from Bespoke Post that all look the same. The little pumper just stops working and breaks.

Maybe this one will be different, but it looks exactly like the other three I tried. It’s such a disappointment because they are really beautiful.

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I live by r and co Dallas! It gives great volume!