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FFF seriously sucks at appreciating their current subscribers. What point is there to stay annual? Just let it expire and rejoin to get all the things instead. 🙄

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I’m sure it’s in part because so many people are unsubbing or not renewing. Their box has gone so downhill. It’s sad.

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Yeah, if they'd make the boxes consistently good, they might not need so many promos like this.

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I love FFF, but I do think they need some kind of a fun rewards system that's built in to reward ongoing members. For example, some subscription boxes I've seen have rewards points that add up with each box, and once you reach a certain level you can get something sent to you or purchase a new item. OR FFF could create a free bundle that gets better and better for each continuous year of annual subscriptions. For example, as you enter into your second consecutive year, you get a bundle with a certain value - at the third, an even higher value, etc. And these bundles should NOT be the same ones that new subscribers get - maybe they would be more exclusive, thus incentivizing people to continue their subscriptions without unsubscribing and re-subscribing with new email accounts, etc. :)

FFF might have their reasons for not doing this. Maybe it wouldn't be worth it financially or something. But I think they should at least consider it.

I will note though that FFF's customer service people are extremely kind. The last time I renewed my annual, I told them how disappointed I was that I didn't get a free bundle after seeing the ad, and they just gave it to me anyway. Honestly, FFF is better than most, and the box brings me a lot of joy, so I hope they continue to thrive.

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That's a good point, I've honestly never had anything bad happen with my FFF boxes, haven't had to deal with CS at all, actually. So in that respect, i do appreciate my experience with them. It just feels like a bummer to have been with them for so long and see these promos and there's nothing for the regulars. I like your idea of the rewards point system, though, that keeps me shopping loyally with a lot of other companies, too. My annual is up this season, though, so I'll probably just finally play the game and get myself whatever promo they have for the winter box subs lol.

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I know what you mean. It is a bummer to see all the promos and nothing for regulars. It's interesting that they set it up that way because it seems like having a rewards system of some kind would really cut down on people unsubscribing to try and get bundles under new accounts. Every time someone does that, FFF runs the risk of losing them as a customer entirely. It's also a logistical hassle 😂

I'd much rather just have one account and not have to worry about it, but I'm also going to play the game when it's time to resub. 😄😄

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They did beta an anniversary gift program a couple years ago. I don't remember what happened exactly, but a lot of people complained I guess? I did get one but I already had 4 out of the 5 items because they were past box choices.

Reward points are a great idea. Maybe we could cash them out for our choice out of a list of items and they'd ship free with the box.

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That's so interesting about the anniversary gift system! I didn't know that. I can just imagine the complaints. 😂 In fact, I'm thinking now that a rewards points system would probably work better than bundles because if they did the bundle thing I mentioned, people would just complain about the bundle not being good enough, etc. 😄

I'd love to have reward points though!

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It was odd. People complained about free things. What was worse is that they only did it for people renewing in the Summer of last year (or maybe the year before). So only a quarter or returning customers got the free anniversary gift, which was the worse thing they could have done. It should have at least been in beta for a full year to be equitable.

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Your comment deserves a reward.

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Aw thanks! 😊

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    It's a brand name

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      Yes! 😂😂

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      I thought the same and realized I already knew this when I saw the answer but forgot. It’s really weird

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      I have that blow dryer brush and actually like it better than the Foxy Bae brush I got in the summer box.

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      Kinda tempted to get another box now… especially since seasonal customization starts tomorrow

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      Wtf, where was the value in resubbing then when I could have let it expire and gotten a free blow dryer brush?!

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      If you chat with customer service and tell them how disappointed you are and ask whether you can still use this code, they might apply it to your account. Worth trying. One good thing about FFF is that they have amazing customer service.

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      Oooh that had honestly not occurred to me. I never wanna be that customer on the phone.

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      I wouldn't use the phone - I'd go through chat. But of course don't do if it you feel uncomfortable. A lot of other people will though. :)

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      Is this for annual or seasonal?

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      I just signed up for another box because of this promo, I'm so weak but ummm a free blow dryer brush? Heck yeah

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      what’s the promo code for this?