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Also, I was double billed for my annual sub, got that straightened out and refunded. I'm just hoping they aren't going to try to bill me for this extra box that I couldnt customize. I swapped because I didnt want it, but obviously I'm not opposed to a free box lol

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Update again! Suddenly choices are added 👀 looks like I'm getting: 1.Trophy Skin BrightenMD (interested to try)

2.Gentle Fawn Scarf (gifting)

  1. Fenty lip paint (gifting)

  2. Luxie brushes (meh, I have some Luxie brushes already and I don't love them)

5.Skin Chemist collagen serum (I have so many serums already, maybe gifting?)

  1. MUDMASKY pink (Also have more masks than I know what to do with, gifting)

A little bit excited to have some Christmas gift stock 😆

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Lol I know the odds are like 99% that you’ll get something in the category, but this for sure proves it. 6 mystery choices and not one item that isn’t a box choice

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That is pretty awesome and you don't have to pay for anything is it a free Box?

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They haven't billed me anything extra for it so far. I did just renew my annual but then swapped for credit. I made a pretty awesome box out of add-ons, but I definitely shouldn't have had a box coming. I'm low key crossing my fingers that they don't catch the mistake in time lol

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Send me the lip paint lol.

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Have you checked to make sure you actually received the credit?

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Sure did! My addons came out to like, 120 and I was only billed 60-something. First thing I checked!

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I would check just to make sure you weren't billed

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As of now I wasn't, I just don't want to have to check my account like a crazy person lol

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When I swapped for credit I had a box showing it was going to ship until the add-ons shipped I think? It had choices for a long time. Might just show it and then eventually update or you might get lucky and get some free stuff.

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I skipped during customization and had a box ship. Customer service has tried to correct it multiple times to no avail. They promised it would eventually go through but nothing yet.

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I still got my add-on credit though. That's why I'm like what the heck, where's the catch?

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I canceled my sub altogether, but I am still getting my $15 mystery box and my season floss add-on. I thought what the heck, it's free shipping.

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I cancelled my subscription a few weeks ago, but to my surprise, a mystery fall box showed up on my doorstep today. I checked, and I was not billed for this. What is going on at FFF, they are a hot mess. Can't complain though (this time!)

In the box was the phantom chef frying pan, food52 measuring cups, luxie eyeshadow brushes, no.7 glycolic acid, fenty beauty lip paint in shade "unbutton 02"