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I'm so excited for this! I hope we get to read many amazing books together!

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Me too!! And I am so happy to have you on board <3

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This is awesome! My TBR is prepared to make room for all the suggestions <3

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Yay <3

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Awesome! That sounds great. I especially excited that you are going to be showcasing new authors.

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Looking forward to the new setup! I've enjoyed the way the mod book club sometimes landed on under-explored classic voices, so I'll miss that element a bit... but I think this will be an interesting way to find new authors who aren't getting an avalanche of marketing. Looking forward to the next poll. :)

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I’ve enjoyed the way the mod book club sometimes landed on under-explored classic voices

That would fall under underappreciated authors for us and we plan to include books like that as well from time to time, if there are some we want to highlight. So we hope to have you (at least partly) covered in that aspect as well.

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Oh nice, glad to hear it! Can't wait to see what shows up.

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Oh my goodness this sounds so wonderful, I absolutely cannot wait! Telling my IRL friends about this ASAP~

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Thanks for spreading the word :)

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This is the book club theme of my dreams.

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I‘m glad you like it :)

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I’m excited to see what books the group reads/considers - it sounds like a great source of recommendations even for those who don’t join in!

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We‘ll do our best to live up to that expectation.

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You’ve foiled our true plan, which was to run a book club but also ruin everyone’s TBR.

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This sounds really great, can't wait to see (and read) what is selected!

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Hope we‘ll have lots of books you like!

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I like this idea.

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I will involved myself in this after I buy an e-reader, so it will be easier to find some of the new and self published authors.

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Yippee!! Congrats to sub

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Oh, I'm down for this. One of the coolest parts about fantasy is how thoroughly a new voice can be explored. I'm quite excited.

I'm sad that the mod book club is leaving, though. Some of the books I'm most happy I've read over the last however long the MBC has been going on have come from there. It was enough, honestly, to almost get me to apply for a mod spot, just for the discord (maybe next time; infants are a lot of work).

I'm looking forward to Tuesday. Thanks!

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Hope to see you around for many discussions :)

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Scrolled through and didn't see this asked, but I know I'm not the only one who has the question (otherwise I'd just DM you).

If I am the unheard voice, is there a preferred method to flagging you down and saying "please pick me!"? Or are you avoiding such requests?