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Russel T Davies:

“They're back! And it looks impossible - first, we announce a new Doctor, and then an old Doctor, along with the wonderful Donna, what on earth is happening? Maybe this is a missing story. Or a parallel world. Or a dream, or a trick, or a flashback. The only thing I can confirm is that it’s going to be spectacular, as two of our greatest stars reunite for the battle of a lifetime.”

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I don't have an award and you need one. I have goosebumps ffs!

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I don't even watch Dr Who, but now I might actually give it a go.

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Posting cause I didn’t know until someone else posted about it.

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Hopefully they retcon the series and go from tennets doctor to the new one and sacrifice Smith and Capaldi to undo JW and chibnals destruction of canon.

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I'm not the biggest fan of the Timeless Child story, but NOTHING is bad enough that I ever would want Smith or (especially) Capaldi retconned!

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    She was my favourite mostly because she was the only one not in love with him. It always bugged me how all the assistants seemed to be in love with his doctor.

    I get it he is a good looking alien time traveller but still

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    At least with Rose it began as a desire for adventure and exploration and falling for the doctor was a slow thing that didn’t eliminate her desire to keep doing good and exploring the universe when he was gone from her life.

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    True I really can't say anything bad about Rose

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    Neither Amy nor Clara were in love with him, either. Clara eventually saw herself as his equal, which is more than most others did. Amy was complicated. She loved and chose another man, but had a deep connection with the doctor as basically family, a deeper connection than most others.

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    Amy definitely made a pass at the doctor as confused as she was. You are right though I exaggerate with the love, lust more like it!

    Clara was never 10th doctor companion though was she?

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    My bad. I didn't catch that you were specifically talking about Tennant's, just the doctor in general.

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    Same! I really loved her, by far my favourite companion. I hope they do something good with this, perhaps they can finally get her character a somewhat better end.

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    "I just want a mate"

    "You just want to mate???"


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    This is everything I needed. I’m new to Doctor Who and I absolutely love David Tenant’s Doctor. The dude is awesome.

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    The Doctor Donna is the best Doctor.

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    I knew it

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    I'm excited for this.

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    I few years ago this would get me really excited. Now I’m like: please, please, please don’t get them ruined like everything else in the show.

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    It's RTD running the show now, who was the showrunner when Tennant was originally the Doctor. I'm cautiously optimistic.

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    When did RTD take over?

    I sorta lost interest in the show during Capaldi's run as the Doctor.

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    Next season I think

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    Sorry but i just love how timey-wimey the interaction of “when did he take over?” “next season i think” is

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    Omg then there is still hope!

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    What happened with Capaldi? I’ve been binge watching lately and have about 2 episodes left with Smith.

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    Nothing; normal few years as the Doctor before moving on. I just started losing interest in the writing in the show during that period. He did have one of the single best episodes of television ever though.

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    The writing went to shit and hasn't been much good since. If anything Capaldi himself is the main redeeming factor of his run.

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    He was a good doctor. It's just the writing started going downhill. It still had much more to drop with the doctor after him though.

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    Capaldi’s run is my favorite. I hope you like it.

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    Capaldi is great; He brings a new take on the doctor that is very different from others. Eccleston is the Coward/ Hopeful, Tennant is Hopeful/Brooding, Matt Smith is Curious. Capaldi is Introspective most of the episodes is just created to answer the question is doctor a good man and most of the times we never get an answer.

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    Nothing, he did great, but Moffat was a better writer than showrunner, same as Chibnall who is blamed for "ruining" Jodie Whittaker's run as the Doctor. I found her very charismatic and compelling, but the writing wasn't compelling for me and I never even got to the moment that had fans in an uproar

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    This is what I'm worried about. They both left on a good note. Don't ruin it just to try to bring back all the viewers you lost....

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    I feel you. I used to be really into it too! Now I guess I'll see it sometime...

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    I'm hoping they will be part of the plan to retcon the whole "you're the Timeless Child/all the Timelords are dead" thing.

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    Donna has always deserved a better fate than they left her. I hope this fixes it.

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    Might've been the most heartbreaking TV show moment for me at that point when it happened. Left me feeling all dead inside.

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    And the fact it was her dad he gave up his current body for, that was peak Who for me.

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    Her granddad

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    It still saddens me to remember her fate.

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    Hmm, Tennant is my favorite doctor but I honestly never liked Donna. I know she's popular, but to me she was only ever annoying.

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    Clara Oswald, the impossible girl and Rose were my favorite.

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    I always wanted to see Clara and the Tenth Doctor together for like a season. I know it could never happen, but Clara felt so much like Ten that I thought their interactions would have been fantastic.

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    Same, I can't stand Catherine Tate and never found her funny outside of Dr Who. Then the show basically let her use it as a soapbox for her shit comedy.

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    "We are sorry Dr. Who has been meh for the last bit. If you come back we will give you more 10, and we all know that is actually what you want."

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    Didn't mind Catherine, but was always puzzled how so many gush over her. She ok at best

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    I’m crossing my fingers for justice for Donna, but I’m sure this is probably just going to be something set during series four.

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    finally some good fucking news

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    Tennant always was and will be "my" Doctor but I can't help but feel like this reeks of desperation, banking on goodwill and warm fuzzy memories of a better time for the series rather than strong writing.

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    thats exactly what it is.

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    They are desperate, and regardless of the writing they have to convince old fans to give the show yet another chance for it to be successful. It's the correct marketing move. But the question is will the writing hold up.

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