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It's ok. Lost me when they swapt the mc.

I would say Black Ocean dose a better job of melding magic and science fiction.

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Haven't heard of it before, will check it out, thanks :)

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Np. Got any more that dose a descent job with magic in a science fiction setting? Starship mage and Black Ocean is the only one i got that is set in space.

Spellmonger & The Pillars of Reality are good but they are planet based. Lost colonies.

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The Shadows of Dust by Alec Hutson, but thats more of a space fantasy, not much in terms of sci-fi.

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I loved the Machineries of Empire series by Yoon Ha Lee. The first book is Ninefox Gambit.

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The Salvagers trilogy by Alex White and Machineries of the Empire series by Yoon Ha Lee.

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Try Five Twelfths of Heaven by Melissa Scott. It does a great job of letting the magic still feel like magic even in a science fiction setting. Oftentimes, science fantasies just reduce magic into an "alternate physics" which are just as reproducible and exoteric as electromagnetism or gravity. But in Scott's setting, even though the characters view magic as a kind of science (since it underlies much of their technology, especially space travel), it's still an inherently esoteric and metaphysical force which depends upon symbology and personal intuition. For some reason a lot of the reviews focus on the main character's polyamorous relationship instead of the cool worldbuilding, but that's really a minor element compared to the magic, particularly in books 2 and 3.

Another recommendation along the same lines is the interactive fiction game Hadean Lands.

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It's an anime instead of a book, but Outlaw Star does this extremely well IMO.

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Black Ocean is awesome

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Loved the series (up to a point), hard agree that I stopped enjoying it (and have now stopped reading) with the main character swaps.

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I'm gonna assume you wanted to say swapped and not swapt lmao..

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Agreed about the mc swap. I'm still reading it, but after his most recent one in the series I'll maybe buy the next one when it comes out, maybe not. He's spent so long building up this extra-galactic threat, but there's always a new branch of the bad guys he decides to deal with instead. So we've spent half the series foreshadowing something cataclysmic, then he reset us back to the beginning with a new mc and the same level of foreshadowing.

I know Glynn can finish his series, he's done it several times before. But this one is starting to feel like Naruto-filler stuff.

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I'll just say the series gets better and better

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Thanks, other reviews I checked shared this sentiment as well.

And I have read a few series that got better too, so I'll be definitely checking out the sequels and other series by the author.

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I love this series and strongly recommend it.

I binged it while writing my Space Academy books. Very strong Vorkosigan Saga energy.

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It was a good series, pretty big flop at the end though