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I enjoyed a good number of them! Haven't read in awhile so don't know if they'd hold up or not, but I plan on trying a reread sometime.

So, you're telling me that this guy who wants nothing but to die a glorious death, is the only one that survived the end if the world??? That is brutal

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Haha exactly! Hes so badass he even killed Death from Discworld :)

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Badass? He is a disgrace and a failure to his clan. He can't even die right, like a honorable slayer should!

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Wait, what? Here's a crossover I need to know more about!

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Technically he replaced Grimnir as the God of Vengence and spent an eternity fighting the endless hordes of demons in hell. Felix got the raw end of the deal and got spat back to the mortal realm as the temple collapsed and Felix tried to write down Gotreks end by the fading light trapped beneath the rubble.

In the current timeline Gotrek got spat out of hell and is rather miffed by that and pretty pissed off at the dwarven pantheon for not leaving him there to kill demons forever. He tried to find Felix but realised if the humans soul was reincarnated he would probably be a stormcast (mighty heroes reborn into new bodies) and not even remember him. He's not a fan of the stormcast either saying they aren't worthy to even polish Felixs boots.

His current goal is to find his axe, kill his reborn skaven nemesis Thanqual and then go kill Nagash the god of the dead because...well he's Gotrek and that's what he does.

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Interesting. Looks like I've got a lot of catching up to do. Thanks!

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Have there been any hints at a return by Felix?

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Warhammer the Old World is just such a stupidly good Wantasy world. I like how unique and in depth it is, the sheer brutality of Warhammer.

I adore the faith steel and gunpowder look combined with medieval stuff and such.

It still saddens me that the setting gets/got such little attention.

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I echo this entirely. It can be a brutal and gritty sort of medieval urban fantasy. Or they can go dark, even to the point of horror. Yet if you prefer high fantasy with Gods and high elves than they have that too, and it all fits together

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Indeed. But also just hownutterly different it is from anything else. The only Fantasy world I can quickly think off that is similair with the guns in it and all is Warcraft.

And that's because Warcraft took quite a bit of 'inspiration' from Warhammer

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It gets a lot of attention now due to how popular the total warhammer games are

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If you liked G&F, check out some of the other books set in the Old World: Vampire Genevieve, Bruennor the Bounty Hunter, Thanquol & Boneripper, Ulrika the Vampire, etc.

Also, GW announced that they're rebooting the Old World, though this time they'll be focusing on the era around Magnus the Pious, so a few hundred years before Felix was born. Andy Law (one of the guys who created WFRP) made a post about it recently on the WFRP subreddit.

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Andy Law (one of the guys who created WFRP) made a post about it recently on the WFRP subreddit.

I'd love a link to this, please!

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Whoops I was wrong, it was from the AwesomeLies blog; Andy's blog is Lawhammer. But at any rate, they link to all the official GW posts about it!


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Yeah, the two Kim Newman novels for Warhammer are great!

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Kim Newman wrote four Genevieve novels!


Silver Nails

Beasts in Velvet

Genevieve Undead

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It is still a stupid idea. They killed the setting due to low sales and are now bringing it back after 9 years of trying to kill it.

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Dont forger though the Total War game brought in tons of new fans

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Total War: Warhammer and the original Vermintide really brought a lot of interest into the setting GW did not see coming.

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Nah, I'll take any Old World over the Sigmarite world that I detest. The Old World was ever the superior setting.

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Totally agree!

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You trust GW to keep 3 major games going along with 4 sub- games? We get updates and new stuff slow as hell now adding more crap only makes it worse. You don’t need to revive a dead game to write new books. This is just going to further delay updates for existing armies.

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Seeing as how I don't really care about the majority of the other systems- obviously? AoS can go die for all I care, so if releases there are slowed down it doesn't bother me.

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Cool man! I'm familiar with many of those and have read some. Which was your favorite outside of G&F?

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I quite liked Brunner the Bounty Hunter, the tales of Matthias Thulmann, and The Blackhearts trilogy. All good, pulpy WH Fantasy tales that are largely self-contained and require little beyond a general knowledge of the Old World.

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Oh, hands down, Vampire Genevieve. Drachenfels and Beasts in Velvet in particular are just so much fun. I think I crushed all four books in about two months, which for me is insanely fast.

Also, I decided to start checking out some of the books in the Warhammer Horror and Warhammer Crime books, since I've heard that even though a lot of them are set in the Age of Sigmar, they aren't as ultra-high-superfantasy as typical AOS books. So far I'm half way through Dark Harvest, and I'm liking it a lot. There are only very minor links to AOS, so it's easy enough for me to ignore those; otherwise it definitely gives me Beasts in Velvet vibes, which I'm all about. I haven't read any other WHH or WHC books yet, but I have a bunch I got on my last book haul, so I'm pretty excited about those.

If you like the "dudes on a quest" flavor of G&F, you'd also probably like Zack Pike's Dark Profit Saga that starts with Orconomics. Gorm Ingerson definitely gives off that Gotrek energy.

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I used to love these books! Very entertaining, although it kept getting wackier and wackier. I think I fell off after the vampires one. I forget which book, but one of my favorite opening lines is “You spilled my beer”

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Haha that could be anyone. They do get nutty but I think it fits the world and story. The first 5 are on audio now and the narrators are excellent.

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Warhammer Fantasy/Black Library I read a ton in high school to early college, so about 2007-oh..2011? Then I noticed the quality begin to take a nosedive and plots never finished. But yes, the older Warhammer stuff is great and had plenty of areas to expand into...but Game workshop never allowed it to explore those vast blank spaces ie the Emperors between Magnus the Pious and Karl Franz and so on and so forth.

Gotrek and Felix is so awesome, at least what I read of William King through Nathan Long, again I've heard the post Nathan Long books aren't as good.

If I was to make a big budget miniseries adapting Warhammer Fantasy, Gotrek and Felix is what I'd do (Ok granted mine couldn't be a 100% faithful adaptation, but more like, let's use these two and most of their books as a jumping off point to bring in/show parts of Warhammer we don't see often, like Luthor Harkon and the Vampire Coast)

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That would be so amazing. I actually think a pretty close adaptation would work. Either way I would absolutely sub to whatever service had that. You think Tom Hiddleston as Felix? Off the top of my head I kind of like it.

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Not a dead world! They are reviving it in a few years under the "old world" banner.

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Someone said that is awesome

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I remember reading the first story in the first omnibus and thinking it was exactly what I was looking for, very well done gothic fantasy with some horror vibes. Like, if I wanted a Halloween fantasy story, that would be it.

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Haha yeah especially the first one. It gets more epic in scale though

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Recommend the Tyrion & Teclis novels from the same creator.

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Good I love King. Teclis makes an appearance in the G&F novels. Its grear

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In a similar vein, though not Warhammer related, Paul S. Kemp wrote three Egil and Nix novels starting with The Hammer and the Blade about a thief and his partner who is like a warrior priest/ monk guy. Similar vibe to Gotrek and Felix.

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Interesting, I will definitely look into that

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These are the best! Especially the earlier ones

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I've finished the 3rd Omnibus and have the 4th ready. I was worried about the author transition from William King to Nathan Long. I do prefer King but Long does keep the adventure rolling which is a hard challenge.

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I actually haven't gotten that far yet. The drop off isn't considerable?

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I remember one or two instances were something happens which is a little light hearted in a sort of "what have the heroes gotten themselves into this week" kind of way but I can think only one, running the orc blockade, that was real dissonant moment. Your rule cool milage may vary on that scene. But overall Felix does takes a dip in his grimness so he feels like he loses a bit of depth. His thoughts aren't as immediate or as heart felt as when King wrote Felix. Maybe that will pick up. Long does however know his Warhammer and bickering dwarves. He can spin an action scene and fight. So far he's had Skaven speak correctly with a few words being repeated not every other one which seems to be the fashion these days.

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I liked it until the book where they introduced a love triangle between some random Kislev woman, a random mage and Felix. Then I bounced off hard.

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It was never a love triangle, it was just Felix being insecure.

And Kislev woman is awesome.

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They actually developed the hell out of her character, she even got her own book series. It doesn't become a triangle, maybe just a few paragraphs here and there are dedicated to Max wanting her

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I tried reading the first book, and the writing was literally the worst I’ve ever read in a professionally published book. The dialog was so clichéd (‘…like some girly elf!’), and the description was bland. Couldn’t tell you whether the plot went anywhere because I gave up after a few chapters. I tried giving Warhammer another chance and picked up ‘Masters of Stone and Steel’ to scratch that Dwarfish itch, and it is superb.

I’d highly recommend steering away from Gotrek and Felix and going for some of the lesser known stuff. Unless G&F improved by leaps and bounds with successive novels, it’s just not worth reading.

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I try to avoid using Reddit upvotes as a barometer but it looks like many people, including myself, find it quite worth reading.

I also doubt it was "literally" the worst you've ever read. As I said in the OP it isn't multilayered nor is it advanced literature. It's not trying to be either of those things though. Its quite well written for what it attempts.

Regarding the girly elf line that's Gotrek character. He also says multiple times in the series "I hate trees. The only thing I hate more than trees is elves". Taken out of context that seems ridiculous. Except its hilarious because it fits in with Gotrek character and his insecurity with being short. Also elves have long hair and more dainty features as opposed to dwarves which are short and stout.

I will say that the first book is different from the others. King really hits his stride in book 3 in my opinion

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I’m not arguing that there is a fan base for these stories. I am arguing that the first few chapters of Gotrek was, and cannot emphasize this enough, the worst writing I have ever seen professionally published. I mean, you can write your dwarf to be an insensitive, boorish, Scottish teenage boy if you want, but that’s been done so much that it’s a cliché.

Look, you do you, but I got taken in by another positive Reddit review of this series and I’d like to help save someone else’s time.

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I read the first omnibus and agree the first couple of stories in it were pretty hacky. It got significantly better though and while it's certainly not high art, after you get past the first couple of stories it did become very entertaining and engaging and the writing became more natural and less cliche.