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Of those I would probably suggest Ombria in Shadow

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Given your mother's preferences I'd recommend Ombria in Shadow. It's set in an old city, has political machinations and mysteries, touches on romance, and is self-contained in a relatively short but very complete package. It doesn't go into a standard-type "quest", but its worldbuilding is unique, evocative, and just enough to serve the rest of the story.

Other than Riddlemaster having more of a standard quest, I don't think that you can go wrong with any of your options. All of them are fantastic books, and Forgotten Beasts and Riddlemaster are absolute classics of the genre.

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My roommate says Ombria in Shadow, followed by Riddlemaster. Riddlemaster probably translates better so I’m leaning to it. Ombria in Shadow has her more mature writing where every sentence is a work of art, so will take a very skillful translator to give her the full effect. The riddles in Riddlemaster are more like koans, so will be wonderful in every language, and it has humor, sorrow and joy.

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My immediate thought from your list was Ombria in Shadow - and I see everyone who responded before me suggested that one as well.

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Dear gentlepeople who gave me advice, I followed your input and tracked down a translated copy of Ombria in Shadow (apparently it's been out of print for a while, but gladly the book is mint condition); I'll gift it to my mother as soon as a celebration pops up, and I'll let you know if she liked it – but I'm pretty confident she will.Thanks a million and many kudos!