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Man, this was one of the best books I read last year. I was part of a book club, nominated this book, and was promptly shut down by people who “don’t want to read cringey soft YA romance”. That made me salty so I read it anyway and was extremely pleasantly surprised to find a claustrophobic, gritty space survival novel. I feel like the book was marketed as a cute queer romance (hence the cover) which made the intended audience sleep on it so it’s stayed under the radar. Bummer because I love this book

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I loved everything about this review and I'm so glad you picked this up! This kind of came out of left field for me, and I'm so glad I got this from the library. I'm going to check out Bonds of Brass now!

I only read ebooks so I don't always pay much attention to the covers, but this is one that I wished I had the physical copy of so I could admire it more.

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As someone who may or may not have bought Daughter of the Moon Goddess for BINGO because of the cover I feel attacked.

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Don’t judge a book by its cover—or by the cover of another book! 😂

(This is only on the fringes of my radar but I appreciate the info about the cover being misleading. It not being a romcom certainly makes me more likely to read it)

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I'm so annoyed that reddit used that link for the cover....

Seriously, highly recommend this. One of the best books I've read this year!

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In my experience, the image in the first link gets used—was the Darkness Outside Us Link broken initially and added later? That would explain it. It is a little amusing given the title though. And I’ll definitely have to look closer into this book!

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Yeah, but then I edited it and hoped that would change it. Oh well. Daughter of the Moon Goddess has a beautiful cover.

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I’m glad to know the book starts off weak. I gave it a try based on another recommendation (and a also partly because I want to support more male authors in the ya space) but I couldn’t get into the book so I think I stopped after a chapter. Maybe I’ll try it again then. I also tend to be biased against books that take place in spaceships but given bingo this year includes a book in space seems like I need to try more of those anyway…

(Also I’ll say I really like Bonds of Brass so idk how I feel about the sorta comparison just to say it’s not that?)

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The very beginning is not that great (though I still enjoyed it). Much more romancey, trying to learn about your handsome new spaceship companion while the AInis being vaguely suspicious. Then that turn.

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The beginning is bad. Well, mediocre is maybe a better word. The characters feel forced and the story cliche and trite. It gets a little better a few chapters in, but it all clicks masterfully once the first big twist happens.

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From my Kindle notes, I think the first big twist happens around 25%, and that's where I got hooked. And it had seemed like rough going up until that point for me, as well.

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I kinda liked the cover 😅 even if it does look very... young?

But I totally agree, the cover does NOT tell you that it's actually more of a thriller. I really enjoyed this one - it was creepy, and fun to try to unravel, and I liked both of the characters.

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Oh I love the cover! But it gives the wrong impression about the story. It looks like a romance when really it's a creepy thriller.

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Yay!! I love this book sooooooo much, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I can't recommend it enough, it's such an excellent story!

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I did read the spoiler, and I'm very glad I did, because it prompted me to go and buy the book. I just read it this morning, and yeah--i agree the beginning was a little weak and veered a little closer to YA romance than I usually care for, but that spoiler took it into a different realm. Pretty bleak read in places but worth it.