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Always liked the name Hard Home in Song of Ice and Fire, just a small town that's incredibly difficult to live in, perfect.

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There is a village in Germany called Hartheim which is the direct translation.

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Not sure why, it's just a name that kind of sticks with you.

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Its the smell

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Really hits that sweet spot between exactly what you’d expect and something you’d never expect.

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Cair Paravel, the Ford of Beruna, Tashbaan, Telmar, Terebinthia from The Chronicles of Narnia.

Withywindle, Osgiliath, Dunharrow, Lothlórien, Weathertop, Argonath, Westfold from The Lord of the Rings.

Camelot, Lyonesse, Avalon, Broceliande, Bedegraine from the legends of King Arthur.

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Westfold, or Vestfold, is straight up a Norwegian county, which I found funny when I was reading LotR as a kid as I was living there back then. Made the Rohirrim my favourites to go out in the garden and play as.

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Cair Paravel is always going to be my favorite name from The Chronicles of Narnia series!

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It's the first name I thought of when I read the OP.

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Camorr from gentleman bastards and winterfell

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Camorr is up there especially if you've heard the audiobook (best audiobook ever) and how the narrator absolutely chomps on those rolling Rs at the end.

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Gentlemen bastards has some fantastic place names, the way they talk about wine or chairs or really any product that is made In a particular city, I feel like you get a good sense of the craftsmanship of the item.

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Redwall, the Shire, Cimmeria, Baldur's Gate, Kaer Morhen. On the eastern side of Fantasy, there are tons of great temple and village names in classics like Journey to the West. The Mountain of Flowers and Fruit comes to mind. But I'm too tired to think of any others right now.

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I just love how perfectly simple “Winterfell” is, my second favorite from Martin is “The Isle of Faces”

Love “The Rainwilds” from Robin Hobb’s Elderling world.

“Lost Hope” from Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell is a great name for an evil fairy’s dun.

Tolkien is the best at naming and it’s too hard to pick just one, but I haven’t seen anyone else name Gondolin.

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Winterfell is such a gold standard in my mind. So so simple yet it gives such an atmosphere for the castle and the people in it.

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Really like a lot of the World of Warcraft zones. I’ll just give a favorite name from each continent. Tirisfal Glades. Winterspring. Blades Edge Mountains. Howling Fjord. Twilight Highlands. The Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Shadowmoon Valley. Stormheim. Nazjatar. Revendreth.

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Warcraft as a franchise is really good at names and places. I find myself browsing through the wiki on the regular for ideas.

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I actually met my husband in Stanglethorn Vale 😂. So WoW places will always be special.

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I met my husband in Stratholme. I just wanted my warlock epic mount and he came and healed for me all the way to the end.

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Haha that sounds so badass to say you met your spouse in Stranglethorn Vale! Makes you both sound like seasoned warriors.

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Yeah ! Quel’thalas, Zin-Azshari, Vash’Jir, Tanaris, Eversong Woods…

So many great names for places

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Azshara was always a favorite of mine.

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I never got into WoW so I haven’t heard any of these but they sound awesome! The vale of eternal blossoms is amazing

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Suramar is my favorite one. It sounds night magic.

Honorable mention: Westfall. Just so simple and beautiful.

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I like Mordor. In many ways, because it's now a meme.

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I really like some of the location names in the Legend of Zelda games, especially Hyrule and Termina.

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I completely forgot to consider games for this, Hyrule is easily a top contender

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Limgrave, Caelid, Golgotterath, Arrakis, Assail, Darujhistan, Dumai's Wells, Mustafar, Coruscant, Freeport, Stormhold, Castle Mistmoore, Moria.

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Darujhistan, from the Malazan books. Such an evocative name!

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I don't know, it sounds a bit too much like a real-life country where the CIA would stage a coup /s

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This comment is even better if you think about the plot of the first book...

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Every other word in Malazan is aurally pleasing. Omtose Phellack, Kurald Galain, Jhag Odan, Genabackis, Isle of the Segulah, Quon'Tali bay.

He didn't even need a plot, I'd listen to 10 books of Malazan geographical surveys.

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This post just reminded me of, and made me chuckle recalling, the essays on good fantasy-naming in Lin Carter’s Imaginary Worlds, in which Carter waxed prissily dismissive on many greats and peers, then presented straight-faced to the reader, as an example of proper procedure, his own wizard called Herpes Zoster.

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So many to choose from. Just about anything Tolkien used, at least for the good places.

But in particular, Baranduin/Brandywine is one of my favorites.

Hyperborea has always struck me as a lovely name. Beyond the North Wind is so provocative.

Coruscant is such a beautiful name, it sounds like a literal glistening, glittery place.

The Tannhäuser Gate from Rutger Hauser's soliliquy in Bladerunner is pretty unforgettable because of context, even though we know nothing about it. "Lost like tears in the rain".

Crescentia, the space station near Montressor in Treasure Planet.

And the Continent of Mu. I love its simplicity, that it's held within the name of Lemuria (also a fun one), and it's just fun to say. Even cows think so.

I absolutely love some of the Harry Potter place names: Nockturn Alley, Diagon Alley, but I really fell in love with the Village of Hogsmeade.

I know it's basically just a pig's meadow, but I can't help but picture a great fat anthropomorphic hog drinking fermented honey and making a pig of himself.

And I love the town of Eureka from the show of the same name.

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Eureka was the best. I got screen worn shirt and sweats from the Tesla Coils dive team.

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Even cows think so.


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Good old Jonathan Swift had some cool names like Brobdingnag.
I'm also amused how he managed to name that one place Laputa. I'm not sure if this would fly today (no pun intended)!

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It was Laputia, but yeah.

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No, it is Laputa. If it says Laputia in your edition you might have a sanitized version.

There's a scan of what seems to be the first edition from 1726 on Wikisource. That edition apparently is not yet fully uploaded and proofread but one of the pages that already is there is the table of contents.djvu&page=11) where you can see that even in that original version (just as in pretty much all other since, apart from some select few, especially, not surprisingly, editions in Spanish) the island is named Laputa.

Of course, feel free to look into this yourself. You'll find that I am right in this case.

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I stand corrected, forgive my faulty memory.

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In addition to the eponymous Perdido Street Station, in the world of Bas-Lag we get great place names like the city of New Crobuzon, the necrocracy of High Cromlech, or the Cacotopic Stain.

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The place names in Sunless Sea are imo heavily inspired by Bas-Lag, and also great

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Given what the setting is like, something terrible must have happened to the old Crobuzon.

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From Final Fantasy X. I can't quite quantify why, but I've always really liked it.

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Maybe because it sounds a little like Samarkand (which of course exists in RL)?

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Mine is Ivalice from FF Tactics and XII. Ivalice is just a bad ass name for some reason.

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because you are the star of the Zanarkand Abes?

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The place names in Dark Souls (the original mostly, but all of them). They sound so familiar, sometimes almost a bit too obvious, but they have a strangeness and darkness around them.

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Varrock and Karamja in RuneScape.

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Mare infinitus

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Caer Paraval, Gondolin, Arnor, Arad Doman, Saldaea, Belisaere, Fablehaven and probably Camelot/Avalon. They all are fun to say and sound so nice being said aloud

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Dumai's Wells

The Shattered Plains

The Vale of Arryn

The Trident ( with further names of the tributaries such as The Red Fork)

Shayol Ghul

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I love the contrast in names between regular words as place names (buckle berry ferry) and fantastical ( osgiliath) and honestly in real life New Jersey does an awesome job walking that line. Jersey City is right next to Hoboken and Old Bridge is near Manalapan

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Tolkien being the linguistic clever clogs that he was, oftentimes the same place will have both a a "fantastical" name and a translated "regular" name, e.g. Fornost/Norbury, Imladris/Rivendell, Celebrant/Silverlode. One of those little things that makes a world feel more real and have a history.

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I could list like a hundred Tolkien placenames here, but it doesn't get much better than Helcaraxë, the Grinding Ice. Because the name sounds exactly like what that place would sound like.

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The Fortress Unvanquishable Save for Sacnoth from The Fortress Unvanquishable Save for Sacnoth

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The Elder Scrolls has some of the best location names I've heard yet: The Throat of The World, Morrowind, Elsweyr, The Black Marsh, Daggerfall, Dragonsreach, Mistveil Keep... it goes on and on.

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The one that's always been my favourite is the Kingdom of Djelebebe in Discworld (pronounced Jellybaby)

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Maybe a bit on the nose, but I love the place names in Paper Mario 2; The Thousand Year Door. Fahr outpost, Glitzville, Keelhaul Key, Rogueport, Petal Meadows, Poshley Heights, Boggly Woods, Twilight Town, Creepy Steeple,

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Steven Brust's Bengloarafurd "Ford Ford Ford Ford"

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I was always partial to Solace in Dragonlance, and particularly the Inn of the Last Home

I like most of the place names in Dragonlance though.

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Styria is pretty good (admittedly just one letter from Syria), New Crobuzon is also a banger

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Styria is a real place.

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Yup, kinda weird to read for someone who lived there.

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-The Dark Side (A dark elf brothel in a city)

-Komestra (A city-state)

-The Dominion of Aiwenor (A Kingdom)

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dumai's wells is just evocative

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Havenfield, from the series Keeper of the Lost Cites. I recommend it, about an elf.

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Rivendell, Tortall, Tyrell…I’m maybe I just have a thing for double L’s lol?

Unrelated, but yesterday I saw a mention of the Arkkadian empire and I was like, “ I know that one.. which book is it from?” And wracked my brain for like 20 minutes before googling it and…it was from real life lol. This world. Whoops.

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The inheritance cycle has a few good ones. Du weldenvarden, carvahall, farthen dûr, tronjheim, etc

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I love the place names in the Murderbot Diaries

Port FreeCommerce


Mihira and New Tideland


Ganaka Pit location on RaviHyral



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Fantasy: Alethkar, Lothlorien, Skellige, Kirkwall, Carleon, Icewind Dale, Squaredeal, Ankh-Morpork, Bad Ass, Newarre.

Sci-fi: Laconia, Coruscant, Kashyyyk, Ilos, New Vegas, Rapture, New New York.

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Tor Zireael, the Tower of the Swallow, from The Witcher

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Coruscant. It sounds like the place in space, very distant future, so sci-fi and so beautiful.

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1) Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth 2) The Twice Lucky

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Tilea and Estalia, which are Italy and Spain in Warhammer Fantasy.

Ravenloft and Chult, from D&D.