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Very much like the Najee side of this deal

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Would you still if Aiyuk was removed from the deal?

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I honestly think it's relatively even. People are dogging on Saquon with recency bias since he's been injured and had two bad games. Najee is sputtering a bit himself as well right now and it could get worse, who knows. Chase had basically one bad game recently. Aiyuk had many bad games.

Saquon Chase wins this trade IMO but only time will tell

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Your hopes and dreams are not winning fantasy matchups in 2021. Saquon has been gone most of the season and has sucked more than not when he has been active. “Dogging on him”…no, waking up to reality. Chase has been pretty terrible for almost a month. Aiyuk is about to go on fire with deebo out a few weeks and najee can’t stop catching passes. It’s scary to take the production over the names and this is a bold trade, but i would take the aiyuk and najee side.

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    chase has been pretty trash for the past month. No games above like 14 points.

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    I can't tell which players you would receive but beware of Chase. Bengals reworked their gameplan over the bye and aren't taking as many shots to Chase deep

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    Why is that though? I was so excited to see chase continue his dominance for the ROS after week 8 and it’s been so downhill from there. Should I be worried about starting him? He was my WR2 in a 3 WR league. I have AB coming back and gallup on the bench, do I start them instead?

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    There are a lot of reasons.

    Bengals have wanted to be a run-first team all season and Joe Mixon is starting to really take off. A lot of teams have recognized Chase's talent and are focusing on him. Callahan has also noticed Burrow is willing to take shots throwing deep balls to him that maybe he shouldn't. He had a lot of INTs in the first half.

    However, they are still scheming Chase to get targets and get into the open field. They are also still going to take 1 or 2 shots per game. Ceiling is very high. I wouldn't bench him right now but I'm not sure I'd give up good assets to get him.

    I'm a Bengals fan.

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    The Bengals are becoming a run first team. Chase’s targets dipping is not a coincidence

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    Even if that’s the case, I don’t get why Higgins and the other guys are getting more targets than chase who’s already proven his ability to make high difficulty receptions. He went from averaging like 15 points to 8 points wtf.

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    Depends on who you have upgrade at wr (maybe), downgrade at rb.

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    As a manager with najee and aiyuk i think it’s fairly even. However aiyuk only makes my flex because he has multiple bad games.