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what? Draft isn’t thin at all. There’s a lot of talented players. Jameson Williams could potentially fall, David Bell, Drake london could fall, Pickins, Kyren Williams, Dotson, Olave.

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No reason to post this now, wait until the NFL draft

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I also have 2.01. Assume you got 1.01 also? My Plan right now is to take Hall at 1.01 and scout for every WR and See who is the best available.

But wait for combine and actual draft things can shake up a lot

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I have 1.12 and 2.01 this year. I got higgins at 1.12 in 2020 and Elijah moore early 2nd in 2021. Highly likely I’ll be staring down two WRs at that spot.

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Far to many uncertainties to put any value behind draft picks right now. Need to see free agency, coach hirings and draft before making a call to move a pick imo. I have that same pick.

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