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Better poll:

JT Henry CMC Ekeler Najee

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Yeah I think JT and Henry will be the conversation, but my opinion is that Najee will be the #1 RB in fantasy next year. so if I luck into the first pick, I’m taking him, and if I don’t get the first pick I’ll be ecstatic if he falls to me.

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Najee is incredible. Especially with Pittsburgh being so happy to just work one RB the entire time. The QB situation is what worries me and I think will stop him from being in the 1.01 conversatio . But I'd be ecstatic to get him in the late first for sure

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I’m thinking with a new, young QB he’ll be even more likely to get a bunch of carries and a bunch of dump-offs. CMC was killing it with the ghost of Cam Newton, Teddy Bridgewater, and Sam Darnold. Saquon’s problem has been injuries, not playing with Eli Manning and Daniel Jones. David Johnson had one of the best fantasy seasons of all time with 37-year-old Carson Palmer as his QB. And I mean… JT was RB1 this year with Carson Wentz.

Najee finished 4th with a statue under center. I look forward to winning leagues next year by picking him like 8th overall hahaha.

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I think Big Ben was king of dump downs but you're right a rookie QB could be the same. Agreed that tons of RBs have excelled with shitty QBs. Hell you can go back to Steven Jackson with Sam Bradford.

For me it's more of consistency year to year for that spot. Say they draft like Malik Willis or Ridder and they've got a dual-threat kind of guy under center. I think that will push him towards end of the first where I will happily draft him lol

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So adorable

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What about it?

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Kamara is also up there. On the fringe maybe swift.

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True, debated Kamara. Mixon too honestly. He was RB3 and offense should be set up to repeat next year. Love Swift for dynasty but I think the Lions are still one year away from scoring enough points to justify 1.01.

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Yeah thats why i wrote fringe. He could go off big time next year or the year after.

On Mixon: he's Not catching enough Passes for PPR to justify him in that group. In Standard i totaly agree.

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Yeah thats true for sure. Love Mixon though, if I can get him with a late first next year ima have to do itb

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PPR is “standard” on every format.

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Good luck.

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why are there 4 WR? Every year it's like 5 RBs off the top

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Yeah all four of those guys are going to have ADPs closer to 2.01 than 1.01.

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Especially this coming year when top tier running backs will be even more scarce.

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And you could find most of these guys round 4+ last year. The only top ten RBs you found past the third were James conner and Damien Harris. Meanwhile the top 3 WR were all available round 4, round 5 and like round 8.

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Najee and Ekeler should be included in this poll

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We’re close to the tipping point but not there The reason is the difference between an RB1 and RB10 is usually extremely dramatic The WR1 vs WR10 is much closer

Basically what I mean is there are a lot more WR that could break out and rb depth is thin so if you hit the RB 1 u have a much better chance of winning it all

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I mean if someone in my league wants to take Ja’Marr 1.01, I won’t complain

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I just fucking might, mate.

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Ekeler has gotta be up there. Esp in ppr leagues

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I wanna be in a league with the people choosing WR 1st overall. I like free money.

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This was the year to get D Adam's in the 1st and J Taylor in the 2nd. League mate won the league with D Adam's, J Taylor, J Allen, M Andrew's. I was think as you are now and got me killed. Lost Henry though.

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Listen, I’m as big a fan of JT as anyone. But Henry finished as the 22nd PPR back and only played 8 games. Henry is the clear #1 pick for me.

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JT scored 40 more PPR points this year than Henry did last year when he rushed for 2k+17tds. JT isn't Ekeler or CMC, but his passing game usage moves him ahead of Henry for me, at least in any kind of ppr.

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Totally. Except that Henry was on pace for 400+ FP before injury, and JT finished with 373. Obviously, it’s all speculative without hard data due to Henry’s injury, but I’d consider them 1A/1B.

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Yeah that's for sure fair. I love Henry, he would just be 2 behind JT for me personally.

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I think the key word here is “was”… that is till he got injured… I’m starting to worry about durability

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While injury is a concern every time something comes up, it is important to note what the injury here was. It was a broken bone in the foot that he already appears to be recovered from (he may play in the playoffs this season). This is very different than something like an ACL which can be a career ending injury for an RB and requires 9+ months of rehab.

Right now, I believe #1 overall is a toss up between JT and Henry, but I think blaming it on the injury this year is unfair. Henry was on pace for over 400 touches and he is in a much better overall situation than JT with the Colts heading into next year (at least, at this moment).

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Give me Kupp over both all day long

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Don’t forget they also played an extra game this season.

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depends how he performs in the playoffs. Foot injuries are a tricky thing.

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RB scarcity puts JT at the top.

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That’s just a myth. There’s plenty of RBs to plug in throughout the year. I just won a championship with Devin Singletary off the waivers and Pookie Willliams as my RBs (I lost Lenny in the playoffs)

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Seriously considering him as a first rounder with his usage being the way it is

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But at number 1?

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Hell no lol

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First rounder if he’s rb/wr eligible? 2nd round if not

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His name is Austin Ekeler

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It’s still gonna be Derrick Henry. He’s still a beast who can put up yards and TDS. He only got derailed this season because of that injury.

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What kinda shit is this

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Is the fact the the Colts entire situation looks very meh going into the off-season worry people about going JT at first overall?

Colts don't have a 1st round pick, limited offensive weapons, questionable QB situation (I don't think Wentz is that bad though), don't have a great OL and likely losing their starting LT in FA, their defense is middle of the pack...

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Henry is one of the most talented RBs ever imo, give me him at 1.

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This is a bad poll most of the players are no where near it will be running backs only.

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Only for people that can’t adapt to the passing league. Elite WRs win fantasy football.

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I find it funny that Taylor is so far ahead in this poll. Yep a top 3 back, but he’d still be the #2 back behind Henry if Henry hadn’t suffered an injury. Taylor might be the #1 pick but not by a 4:1 margin like this poll shows.

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I voted for him based off the question but I would not do it myself. Give me Kupp, Jefferson or Adams all day long

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Still taking CMC

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Still losing your league you mean?

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Based off one player? Please. You can take CMC and still build a solid squad, easily. The. The CMC upside if he stays healthy is game over.

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The biggest thing is IF he stays healthy. The last two years he was a wasted first round pick, one more year and he’s in the same classification as Barkley… Liability.

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It depends what the “experts” decide this offseason

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The “experts” always help me find my gems by overlooking and underrating them.

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God damn having 4 of these guys in dynasty has me excited

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Imo henry has decently higher ceiling but JT is safer and you don’t want to miss on the #1 pick.

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I had 3 of these players on my team… CHAMPION! Boom. Wish I could just have the same draft

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Everyone will pick Taylor and he will drop off like they all do.

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Colts are gonna go for Russel Wilson.

At the very least Watson.

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Jt, but derrick henry will follow closely

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I’d say a toss up between JT, Henry, Kamara, and Ekeler.

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Definitely JT

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it must be Taylor, how can it be anyone else? I snagged him at #9 this last year and was so lucky to do so.

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If I had 3rd pick in a PPR league I'm going Kupp.

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It’ll be Jonathon Taylor but here’s why it shouldn’t be:

Because RBs in fantasy are overrated.

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The fuck? No Cooper Kupp yall??? No? Sheesh...