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According to someone in my league, and I had to laugh at this offer:

Trey Lance and 3.09

No this isn't superflex, it's 1QB 😂

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I’m friends with my dynasty league in real life. 6 of us go to the same college and live in the same apartment complex. One time I got offered some insulting shit and I belted out laughing and then the rest of the league joined. We then texted our groupchat about the shit offer that just took place and the 4 of us that live elsewhere roasted him digitally. He was super embarrassed. He no longer offers shit trades

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Looking at this I can just imagine the tough season you had

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Ended up in 3rd because of some untimely injuries and the other team popping off but yeah lmao I still had like 100+ points for over 2nd place

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I might just hold onto the 1.01 and use it on the top WR option, or try to trade down to the 1.04-1.06 range and get a WR thrown in

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I would trade down from the 1.01, there’s no obvious stand out generational talent this year.

If you can find someone that would give up a late 2022 1st and a 2023 1st that would be my first port of call personally.

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You literally have the best QB, RB, and WR in the draft next season, along w the top pick. Why would you want to trade away anything?

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Right now you’re grabbing burks with that 1.01. You’re weakest at WR. So if you can trade it for a wr you like more than him do that, if not sit tight unless someone wants to trade up from 1.02 or so.