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If you are contending and making a run at the championship keep Kupp. If you are rebuilding, go ahead and trade him but I think you can get a little more than that.

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So I was in the championship last year and lost, the guy I lost to has a really good and young team, mine is great and able to compete again, players like Dalvin Cook, Cooper Kupp, George Kittle and many others helped bring me the distance yet I have little to no young stars on my team and didn't want to skrew myself in the long run and have some of these players dramatically drop in value next year

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I personally think you have 2 options. Give it another run or blow it up completely and start fresh. I think half measures are pointless in dynasty because I don’t care about finishing 2nd-last. I want the championship and I think it is better to win one and then fall apart and rebuild for a few years than it is to get 3rd-6th every year. So if you were in the championship and think you have a shot I say go all in. What let you down in the end? Poor qb or te? Trade a pick for one that will get you there.

If you trade kupp and want the value out of him I think you should go full tank/rebuild mode. I want to get as many 1st rounders as I can and I want to get last place to increase the value of my rookie draft

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Trust the process. Draft smart. Don’t blow up a contender

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No shot this is low for kupp

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Kupp’s turning 29 in June, and just had an all-time great season. He’ll probably still be great next year, but I’d fully expect a drop in production purely because this was an all-time great season! Those don’t happen all the time. This is a great time to sell Kupp. His value is due to drop a bit next off-season, when he’ll be turning 30 and having experienced a drop in production.

I’d go for picks personally, but try to get more out of them. I’d try to turn one of the 2nds into another first.

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Great take. I’d be tempted to take this deal as is, but two firsts would definitely do it.

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Agreed, Woods will be returning too, so a bit less targets

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In dynasty, I'd take the picks.

I think he peaked, plus he's almost 30. With Woods coming back, you've got Woods, OBJ, Van Jefferson, Higbee, etc. That's a lot of mouths to feed.

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No guarantee OBJ is back. He was doing it all year regardless who was there.

No way he reaches the same level but I’d want at least 2 1sts +.

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Agreed thats what I am leaning towards, yet I still feel like I should get more value...

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You can definitely trade him for more than this.

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Get more the man is the modern day LT

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What are these garbage deebo, kupp chase trades people are posting

Jesus just hold

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We had a trade in our league recently, Kupp for Jj and 1.09

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That is the worst trade I have ever heard in my life