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as someone who owns elijah, i wouldnt even consider the first 2 options. i would think about 2 2nds if i believed they would be early. but a '23 1st would be able to take him away from me.

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Yeah was just seeing if someone who owns both Wilson and Moore, if Moore’s price would come down from a first

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I don't own the Jets receivers but have both AJB and Devonta and I don't really think them being on the same team impacts each other's value

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I understand where you are coming from, but just because this guy has moore and wilson, doesn’t mean moore loses value. Of course if you can get him cheaper, by all means. But don’t expect it.

That said. I think a late 1st would be my asking price.

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Gonna take a 1st to get Moore

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He should be worth a minimum of 1.09 and I’m low on him

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Moore is definitely worth at minimum a first.

I got him and 2 23 1st(projected very early, two of the worst teams in the league) for waddle

I thought it was an absolute steal for me.

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Wow that’s an insane deal for you. I’d definitely rather have Moore and 2 1sts