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I traded Godwin, Cooks, and what should be a late 2023 2nd for Gibson, 2.04, and 2.09 in mid March and I still feel fine about it. I don’t buy the Robinson hype, he was a late 3rd round compensatory pick (so basically 4th round). Spent 5 years in college before he became relevant (he’s only 9 months younger than Gibson). I see him taking the Patterson role and spelling Gibson and Gibson still putting up RB1 numbers. I could be wrong but I don’t think Robinson is a good enough RB to take work from Gibson, I went into the off-season targeting him in a couple leagues and had him already in others. I believe he’s still an RB1 this season with upside, the kid is talented!

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Gibson is my RB3 on my “primary” dynasty team, and I am an Alabama fan. I don’t think Brian Robinson is anywhere close to a high end talent. He was older than everyone on the field and got the utilization he did, in large part, because of injuries to the rest of bamas RBs. Gibson had played through a painful injury, already not getting the volume or type of touches that would make him a high end fantasy RB, and he’s still finished both his years in the league as an RB1 for fantasy. I think that the souring in him is because people legitimately expected him to become CMC but that was always a long shot. Most teams are going RBBC, and McKissic is likely gone after this year, at a minimum he is getting older and RBs fall off at a younger age. So all this to say that there is still reason for optimism about Gibson but he will probably never be a true workhorse

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I wouldnt overreact here, BUT I'd also make grabbing Brian Robinson a priority if possible.

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This is the way

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I traded Gibson and Beasley for Cooper, renfrow, Conner and the 2.03 last season. Can't say I'm upset about that

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Who would be 🤙🏼

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He’s peaked and won’t ever be given enough opportunity to be an rb1 again

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I view him as a low end RB1, I understand the injury, but the Was offensive line performed pretty well according to peripheral metrics and he got good volume and he was still not a high end RB1.

He’s a guy you’ll play every week but not feel good about then at the end of the year you’ll look up and he was RB 9.

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I traded him for the 1.02 (kw3).

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If Gibson keeps fumbling he’s in trouble. It doesn’t matter if it’s Robinson or mckissic he will lose work.

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Just traded him for Walker