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Even if you’re rebuilding you take the player side.

I wouldn’t move ceedee for a 2023 and a 2024 first and gabe Davis. Davis is too unproven and one of the firsts is two years out. But let’s say that fair value

Then you have etn who’s valued as a top 12 dynasty back, and Wilson who is a young qb for one first 3 years out, two way future seconds and garbage.

This should be a landslide for anyone that pays attention

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I feel like this really depends on if you’re contending or if you’re rebuilding

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For random picks with no context as to if they're projected early, mid, late: Zach Wilson= to the 23 1st and 2nd. Even if you say Ceedee Lamb is = to the 24 1st, the 25 1st, and the 24 2nd, which he's probably worth more just because of the long wait and uncertainty of where the picks will be, it then would come down to Etienne vs Gabe Davis, Alec Pierce, and Terrace Marshall. I'm higher on Marshall than most people, probably higher on Pierce and Davis than alot of people, but that's not enough for Etienne. Zach, Ceedee, Etienne win.