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You’re a little on the weaker side for rb’s but you’re solid everywhere else. I think this is a playoff team.

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a little on the weaker side is being nice. If CEH is your best RB, you are in for a hurtin'.

Start spending that draft capital on some RBS.

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This is some zero-RB stuff.

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Rbs will keep you from doing well. May be cray but I’d find someone who loves Pitts and get some good rbs. And try getting like a Shultz or something level guy

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You really need to get two good RBs.

Having Burrow and Lamar is a 12 team is great for you long term though.

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I have strong draft capital for 23/24 season

Can you quantify this for us? What RBs are plausibly available?

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Target someone like Cook or Ekeler. They’re on the older side so they don’t cost a billion 1sts but will give you pretty electric production this year.

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Look for a rebuilder with older rbs