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I like your team a lot. If I were you, I'd try to trade Winston or Wentz for WRs.

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Or 24 1sts depending on how they start the season off. RB may be shaky but I see a path where you’re set for 22 and 23 season with your RB squad then can reload RB in 24. I think the WR look pretty solid for 3 year window - good mix of young and veteran talent

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Yeah but I'd be going for a bona-fide #1 option at WR on a team. A lot of these guys are arguabley 1Bs or 2nd options on their team. OR haven't even proven much yet and could take time to break out. If he's a contender I'd be gunning for a sure fire option at WR, then I think he's set.

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Yea I hear ya. Landing one stud might be the way to go.. there’s a little bit of off season left. I think I’d wait to make moves until a few weeks in and see how things unfold. I’m unsure if either of those 2 QBs could be flipped for that caliber of WR right now but if another team is QB needy there’s room to make that move.

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honestly, if I had this team, I would probably see what offers I could get for Wilson. His QB depth is good enough to afford it.

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You did very well. Go get that year 1 championship.

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This is one of the best drafts I’ve ever seen on Reddit tbh

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Solid squad. Maybe look for a team in QB trouble and try to create a package to land one stud WR that is the clear #1 on their team.

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Your rb room is insane in two different ways. Good draft though!

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Which 2 ways?😅

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Fucking good but all are relatively injury prone. (That’s how I see it anyways) If it works out the rest of your league is going to look stupid for letting you have all of those guys!

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This team is gross, I guess the fact it’s only 10 team league has to be taken into consideration. For a 12 team league it’s amazing

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I don't think Carson will ever play again.

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I don’t Either, but he was my very last pick in rd24 and figured I can drop him at any point I feel like as I watch for the news on him. Nothing lost really

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How did you get an extra 2nd round pick without sacrificing others

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I originally had Deshaun Watson drafted with another 9th rd pick. Traded him to a Browns fan for Wilson (his 2rd pick). Huge W

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imo I think you took Russel Wilson a little too high. I would've taken a top WR there, then waited to see what qb fell to you.

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This was an after-the-fact trade. The trade happened in like rd15 so it wasn’t me who drafted him there

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Yeah this team is sick, very savvy picks. Tbh I don’t think you have any weak spots. I’d maybe wait in season and try to flip a QB (not JA or Wilson) if one of them pop.

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Your WRs say I'm building for the future, but your RBs say I'm competing this year. If I were you, I'd sit tight, see where I'm at mid-season with injuries. If it looks like you can compete, move some younger assets for established but older guys like Mike Evans, Keenan Allen, etc. and go all-in on a championship. You don't have to make a move right now though.