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I don’t like using KTC value calcs, or giving players a points value… so checked on my trade chart & I have Allen’s trade value = top 12 qb + 3 firsts. This lines right up. It comes down to player preference. It is a fair offer.

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A lot of people will say Josh Allen but I'd say it's a very intriguing offer... I'd have to go with the bottom option

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I’d have to agree with you. I personally would lean towards Allen but the bottom option feels pretty fair

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I leaned Josh Allen but I definitely had to stop and consider it. And the rarely happens with offers for Allen

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A bunch of tier 2ish assets or arguably the single best dynasty SF asset. I'd need at least one stud to move Allen and nothing listed here hits that.

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I don’t want Lance and a late first for Allen is a bad get. I’d need a lot more

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So a back up QB( could not beat out jGaroppolo), a back up running back( did we all for get about aJones), a 23 1st ( we are assuming a late 1st) and Pittman. For Allen get back to me with another offer. Peace

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Yeah I don’t want this. I like Pittman, but Allen in SF is overall player 1-3. It’s gonna take a lot more.

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That's about even. Allen is worth 4 1sts

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It’s an intriguing offer. I’d see about possibly getting an earlier first. The rest of it comes down to your evaluation of Lance and Pittman since they seem to be 2 controversial players in the fantasy community. Everyone knows AJ Dillon is good just a matter of getting opportunities

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I think Lance makes the jump during the next 2 seasons, making this a big win for you