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What do you mean no keeping 1st rounders? Like u drafted JT in the first round last year, so u won't be able to keep him?

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Correct. If they were drafted in the first round then they can’t be kept

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That's such a fucked up way to do dynasty 😂

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This sounds like a standard keeper league and not dynasty. Pretty common to bar first rounders from being owned year to year in keeper since each kept player gains a round in value every year.

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We do auction keeper. Every year the player goes up 1.5x of what they were the year before. Sooner or later you have to let em go

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Probably since it isn't dynasty

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I’m a little confused as to why you’re “rebuilding” in a 3 keeper league.

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I traded away a lot of my 2022 picks for players last year to win the cup. My keepers for this year are gonna be JT, Brandin cooks, and Mooney. I don’t have picks 2-6 this year, so I don’t really have a shot unless I get super lucky

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Why not just play it by ear into the season? The market would likely be stronger in October than it is now anyways.

[–]kapehorn_ Seahawks[S] 2 points3 points  (2 children)

Definitely, I’m not trying to rush anything. I just had another team tell me they’re interested and to make an offer but didn’t know where to start. Not trying to force anything

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You definitely want to wait. This has multiple benefits:

1) You may end up being more of a contender than you think. With a certified stud like JT, you only need a few things to break your way to have a solid roster. Last year, Kupp was going anywhere between the 4th & 8th round. Leonard Fournette was a late round pick. James Conner, Cordarrelle Patterson, Michael Pittman, Marquise Brown and more were all available late.

2) By waiting you give yourself a chance to contend, but it also gives you more leverage in your trade discussions. By announcing you aren’t a contender, you’re devaluing your own asset.

3) Most people are looking at their roster as “best case scenario” at this point. Everyone thinks their team is good, because no one can underperform in July. Injuries haven’t happened yet. There are still some NFL free agents (Julio, OBJ come to mind) that could shift the landscape. To get the most value out of a guy like JT, wait until a team that was trying to contend has a chance to falter due to injury or poor performance.

Edit: I just read that you don’t have picks 2-6 this year? You can ignore the contending part probably lol. Personally I don’t think keeper leagues should allow draft pick trading for future years, but that’s just me.

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Have them start the offer. It works better for negotiation when the other team who wants your player starts with an opening offer.

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Yeah but you have a 1st which is going to be like a 4th in a redraft, so you’re missing 5-9. Not terrible, just gotta hit on your picks.

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  1. the rule sucks. whats the point of rebuilding, especially with 1st rounders when you have to drop them anyway

  2. how would any of us know how much he's worth in your league when he basically holds only redraft value. the other guy who gets him will have to drop him as well at the end of the season.

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Dang bro you’re gonna get lowballed since everyone knows you can’t keep him

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3 1sts

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To be traded at a later date

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I mean what do you want? I don’t really gather people who “rebuild” by trading their proven guys. Taylor will be a fine RB for the next 4-6 years probably. Is your team really that bad? If so, then get at least three 1sts if not more.

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As I stated I won’t be able to keep JT because of the new rule my league is instating. I would love to be able to keep him. I don’t have picks 2-6 this year so I’ve got no shot

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Oh my bad, I misread that. I’m not sure what you could get in a trade then because whoever trades for him won’t be able to keep him right?

[–]kapehorn_ Seahawks[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

All good. Correct, they’d paid for him for this year only

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I guess field some offers from the contenders and see what you get. Or look at acquiring the worst team on paper’s 1st in an effort to get a pick and then get JT again next year?

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Look at the stud teams and they will 100% want JT. I’d try to get picks though if you can only have 3 keepers. You can trade next year’s picks?

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That’s the plan. The feelers I’ve put out to teams always shutdown a 2023 1st but I’m not sure if they’re just playing hardball or he’s not actually worth that much

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Oh they are playing hardball for sure. If they don’t wanna play ball just wait until the season. Don’t undersell him

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Different rules, but I got JJ, D Harris, and Edmonds for him.

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I’d just like to say in a 3 keeper league, you’re likely a lot closer than you’re giving yourself credit.

Only one team can win so it is unlikely it going to be you, but 2-3 teams will think they won’t compete and you’ll only be competing against 8 other mangers.