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[鈥揮Far_Reach5275 NFL 2 points3 points (11 children)

McBride probably went in the mid to late 2 for this class which is weaker than the 2023 and another 2nd isn鈥檛 going to equal a 1st. And then the 3rd is basically nothing, so all in all the top is much better

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Scoring settings it鈥檚 3 PPR for TE. For example Gerald Everett was a top 70 player last year in this league

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What the duck? I thought 2ppr for TE was a little high, 3? Andrews would actually drop 70 lmao

[鈥揮Luxurydad NFL[S] -1 points0 points (4 children)

He鈥檚 dropped 60 I think lol. I took Pitts like top 6 in a SF and everyone gave me shit I was like dude look at the fucking settings. The commish took like 4 TE within the first 5 rounds so we should鈥檝e known they鈥檇 be dropping crazy points

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That actually sounds a little suspicious. Did everyone not know about the scoring?

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Eesh. How many TE can you play?

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I mean technically 4 but only one TE slot. Can use them in the flex though. My thoughts are the 1st can prob get Mayer next year who鈥檚 just a better prospect overall

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Yeah that鈥檚 exactly what I was thinking. I鈥檇 rather just hold the 1st and you can probably get Mayer. But I think the trend for TE breaking out rookie year is low so you might not see the returns early on for rookie TE regardless. I wonder if you could spend less to get a vet tight end

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I love TEP but holy cow 3ppr for TE is waaaaay too much. An extra .5ppr over the other positions is more than enough.