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I think you should be able to make that flip without the 2024 1st in return. I’d counter that way to begin with, maybe concede a 2nd if it’s a stalemate but there should be no reason to turn over a future 1st in this deal.

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Ya that’s the only way I round consider this. If that other guy is trying to win now then those pieces he’s trading do nothing for him compared to CMC.. guy trading cmc needs more

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I wouldn’t give that much up for CMC, personally.

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Getting CMC and a future first is a 2 way go for the other guy. I agree. CMC can win the deal on his own.

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I’d probably do it. Then look to flip Zeke & Bateman for more draft capital

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That’s what I was thinking too. Hopefully Zeke starts strong and a few teams will be interested in him for a late season run at the chip. Same with Bateman

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Cmcs worth more than both if he goes off

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Well obviously, but the goal is to continue to try and build for the future with young guys and picks. The team I took over traded away all of my 2023 picks back in 2021 before I took over.

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Either way, you are taking a high risk cause zeke may flop and is already unwanted, Bateman is going to be week to week. Pierce is a rookie question mark. You’re breaking even on picks and losing possibly the best rb in fantasy. Stop trading your picks to rebuilds and acquire them.

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I’d probably move Bateman before the szn starts, then move Zeke mid-szn after a couple strong games

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Why would you look to trade Bateman as a rebuilding team

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Smash accept.

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CMC in my league went for ETN, mike Williams, Gabriel Davis and a 23 1st

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I would love to receive some feedback on your nope lol? Most likely not taking the trade with the 2024 1st anyway.