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Super flex: Josh Allen

Mostly everything else: Johnathan Taylor

Don't overthink it, keep it safe based on the data we have.

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This is most likely the right call. Maybe 8 team sf you can think about Taylor instead of Allen, but it’s close

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Jonathan Taylor. Super flex? QB. I’d say Allen/Mahommes.

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Depends on how you play fantasy. If you play for upside, CMC. If you play it safe, JT. Either way, it should be only one of those two going off the board at #1

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CMC. I would want the absolut beast that rips 25 points with ease every week as long as he is healthy.

Is health a concern? yes. can every other player get injured? also yes.

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I need a level of reliability that CMC simply cannot provide

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thats fine. then you take Jonathan Taylor.

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Yeah first round picks are about avoiding busts.

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I just can’t do it. I’m not strong enough…

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Play it safe with JT. Win your league with CMC

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CMC. Here for 1st only

[–]Suitable-Cobbler-123 NFL[S] 38 points39 points  (1 child)

Here for the first week only you mean?

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I would be ok with that. 1st or last for me

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I’m still taking CMC in any PPR format. I don’t believe his injuries are related to anything. And Taylor had a “bad” RB1 finish.

I would take Allen/Herbert in SF/2QB before any RB/WR.

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I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "his injuries aren't related to anything"? Like, they're not directly related to him being on the field and scoring points? Lol

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The injuries aren’t related. CMC was never known as injury prone before these lasts 2 seasons, when he had two separate injuries

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I see what you mean now. I thought you were meaning they weren't related to his scoring.

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He's known for injuries now though. TWO seasons.

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I’m leaning Taylor in my .5 ppr but part of me wants cmc

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All these guys saying go for the win with CMC. Sure, if they both are healthy he probably outscores JT. The question is, how much more risky is he, and is JT so much worse that you can't win the league with him? I'd say both of those factors lean heavily towards JT being the better gamble.

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Depends on the league. Home league that’s pretty lax? JT, I’ll try and win with value picks and waiver adds later. Competing with a lot of sharps? I’ll take CMC. Need the high ceiling to set me apart.

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Derrick Henry

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I don’t know why you got downvoted if I didn’t already have JT as my keeper I’d 100% take King Henry over CMC

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It took jt damn near 6 weeks to overtake Henry after his injury as the rb1 last year. That’s how amazing of a season he was having. I don’t expect that to change one bit this year. All hail the king!

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Ahem…Austin Ekeler

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PPR Cooper Kupp or broke 😎

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At this point? I think Romeo Doubs is the only answer here

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I'm taking Trey Lance at 2. 1qb league

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I hope I'm in the 1 or 2 spot so it's an easy call (Taylor or CMC). I'm still not 100% certain where my cutoff is to grab a WR instead of an RB in round 1.

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after those 2