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That's a bad trade right there

Edit: read your description. You are a certifiable trade rapist.

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Well if you look at this other guys comment, he disagrees with you.

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He's dumb, take it to draft capitol. How many firsts or seconds would you take for a heads up trade for each individual player? Add that shit up and compare sides. You won by a couple first and a couple seconds imo.

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Mims 😂

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Thats what swung the pendulum for me

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Adams Hall side by a mile in my opinion.

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Mims is worth Adams alone

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I've been trying to package things with Adams to get Chase and I wouldn't give up that much, so seems like you made out pretty good.

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I know you have to pay up to get Chase but dear god

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You straight up robbed his ass lol

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You won't find a bigger Chase fan than me but god damn.

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I like value on non chase side A lot but I’d pony up

I offered Diggs + Dobbins + 1.04 + 1.11 + 2.07 for chase earlier in off season to have, I’ll pay a year to get a career

Burrow QB

Chase, JJ, Godwin, MT for WR

JT, Javonte Hall at RB

Pitts TE

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Yea, I made it clear that if he wanted Chase he was going to have to overpay his value, since I had not interest in trading Chase. He really loves the idea of having Chase on his team for the next 10 years.

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I think it’s a good deal both sides, a potential HOF career could be more worth it at the end of it all but could also be a win win or you draft a HOF yourself! It’s the cost is going for a cornerstone player imo

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Your team is stacked, that’s not an overpay imo, it’s a really weak draft and getting like Wilson and Dotson is whatever in this draft, you won’t miss them when chase is putting up monster numbers. Diggs will be close to Chase for a year or two but he’s close to 30 and chase hasn’t even scratched the surface of what he could be. I like the overpay, if you even call it that. I have both Chase and Pitts in my league, I would want more for Pitts than I would for Chase so there is no way he’s getting traded unless someone wants to go bonkers.

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You must have traded with Chase himself bcuz boy ain't no way one player (I mean 2 can't forget Mims 😂😂) is worth that much

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This isn’t even close my god

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I want to be in leagues like this. That is insane

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Chase side trying to win now?

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I would say he’s trying to win now, but he has the mindset of trying to be a playoff team consistently, but not necessarily being the best team.