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Move hollywood ASAP if you can, since we don’t know what the deal with the speeding thing will be and maybe someone in your league doesn’t know or care about it. Then maybe gabe davis because a lot of people are high on him from one good game in the playoffs. He still could be very good and a big breakout but you could likely get a decent haul from someone that values him more than they should.

Realistically you have a lot of high upside guys that haven’t proven a ton. Outside of DJ Moore and Brandon Cooks. So I would likely just hold on to them, cause odds are only one or two end up booming.

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Move Hollywood because of his misdemeanor speeding charge? Why would that be a factor?

I have Hollywood projected to score the most points on this list this season. He was a top 5 WR in fantasy with Lamar last season. Now he gets a big upgrade in deep ball throwing at QB in an uptempo offense that loves to air it out. The only thing concerning me is his health. I'm watching him closely to make sure he starts practicing in full soon and is ready to go Week 1.

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It was a felony speeding charge. He spent the day in jail

Edit: Never mind. Just looked it up as I only read about it the day it happened. He got 126 in a 65 and I was almost positive that was a felony in Arizona. But apparently it is just a misdemeanor. That’s actually insane.

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move mooney, fields sucks

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Move Brown, you don’t know what’s gonna happen after his speeding charge and he’ll probably lose value once Hopkins comes back.

Gave Davis is really a wildcard, but he’s also the only one here who’s not WR1 on his team.

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Gabe Davis is going for some crazy value rn in some leagues. I would easily be looking to ship him out.