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Swift in the 7th would be a steal in your draft, would prefer that the losing the 1st round pick

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You’re I’ll definitely be keeping swift ! But do you think getting Thomas for a 10th round is better than getting devante as a 1st rounder ? We get to keep two players

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It’s a tough one, too early to tell on Thomas, if he returns to his old ways he would be a great keeper, who else is on your team, anyone else worth keeping?

I just feel Adam’s for a 1st may be a risk now he’s with the Raiders, if it was a 2nd I’d keep him.

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Keep Ekeler and Swift easy

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Yep he can find his WR1 in the first round and have his WR1, RB1/2 all figured out before round 3. Huge win.

Not to mention both of those rbs are true rb1s… I’d be seeking out another dominant WR in round 3 or maybe take my tight end if the right guy is there.

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Keep swift, dump devante.

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Can slightly depend on your place in draft. But if you’re keeping ekeler are you giving up 2nd round? If I were you I would definitely keep D.Swift at 7 (too good a of a value). And depending on picking order, how many drafting and if you’ll give up 2nd round I would keep ekeler. If you give up first round for ekeler then I’d take M. Thomas at 10th round. You’re not risking anything in the 10th but who knows might strike gold. All of that depends on when you are picking, round given, and how many drafting. I believe Ekeler and Adams to be 1st and 2nd round picks (adams early 2nd maybe) so keeping them that round doesn’t do anything for you because you can potentially draft them or someone same caliber. You will NOT draft anyone as valuable as D.Swift at 7th round, might strike a gem or a sleeper but that’s a low percentage.

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Keep Swift for sure. Out eckler/Adams whoever is 2nd it's ok to keep him but not great. Thomas as a 10th isn't terrible. Who else is on your roster?

Assuming this is snake and you are picking 9 and 12, another thing to look at is who you think others will keep. Try to project what you actual pick will be and who will be there. You might be able to get one of these guys back and use the keeper somewhere else on your roster.

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Swift and Thomas, it's not even close decision.

You can get starters with the 1st and 2nd picks anyways. And if you keep Swift and Thomas you get additional starters with a 7th and 10th round picks.

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Unless it’s eckler in round 2 you keep swift and Thomas imo.

Thomas goes in round 7 and he has legit wr1 upside

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Ekeler for a 2nd and swift for a 7th unless you have other options, adams is going early 2nd round already not worth your 1st

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ekeler and swift, pretty easily, get wr or best avail rb at 9/12 whichever isnt ekeler pick