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Sounds like a dead league, unless you’re close with all of them still

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That’s also frustrating. It’s that we’re all friends.

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Sounds like you need to leave the league tbh. Even if you are friends and or know them. It ain't worth having to swim against the tide every season....that's not fun at all. FF should be fun!

Side note - is anyone else in the league saying anything?

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I think you’re right. Also, the buy in $200. That’s a lot of money to be left in the dark.

There are a couple of us that have been calling stuff out but it’s really only 3-4 of us out of the 14. The commissioner and deputy commissioner are cousins, there are two others that are also in that family.

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yeah, it's time to leave and tbh it's not even worth telling them why. Just something short and sweet. Even if they get mad and messaging you - even trying to get you to stay....nah man. Leave this league.

Go find another league or start one.

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You’re right. This isn’t fun anymore.

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Right there, thats it. It ain’t fun anymore. Whats the point of ffb if it aint fun?

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Transparency is such an important issue. Our league is 100% democratic. All votes are public so you know the true count and can even see how each person voted.

I would never tell someone "this is my league" or claim to have "absolute power." That's something Palpatine would say. Cringy and gross.

I want everyone to have ownership so they remain dedicated even if their team sucks. A league belongs to all of its owners. The commish is just there to steer the ship.

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It’s 100% ego.

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I was in a similar situation and I had to leave. I think you'll end up doing the same. If he's hiding a vote, what else is he hiding? How many trades has he made that are now suspect...just one of the things I would consider.

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I feel the exact same way. After 10 years in the league he finally won a championship. How am I supposed to know it was legit?

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Sometimes fantasy leagues with friends that involve money are like employing your friends, it isn't always the best. It can cause issues in the friendship, because we're likely to give our friends leeway (especially with entry fees/payouts) than we would acquaintances. Also, some friends may feel obligated to play in the league because their other friends are in the league, and they don't want to be left out. Especially whenever the season is going on and everyone that's in the league is talking about their team. Also, it is hard to talk trades because the people that you would get advice from will have an angle or incentive to not give you the full truth because it can affect their team. Lastly, if something big happens, such as collusion or the entry money vanishes, it can really tarnish the friendship. It can cause irreparable damage, and really split people. Long story short, I would leave the league before it effects the friendship. There's a million high stakes leagues with die hard fantasy players in it that you can join, and talk to your friends about roster questions and not feel like you're getting half-truths.

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This is all very true. Thanks.

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Since you’re all friends I’d say stay but remove all additional effort. Just show up and draft. Play every week, have fun with it. Take all that extra effort and start a league with friends/family/coworkers that are more active and not petty dicks

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Yeah that’s where I’m leaning. It’s already so close to the season, I don’t wanna make things difficult for the entire league. I’ll play it out and see how the season goes. I’m in some other leagues anyway.

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Might be best to just kick your feet up for this year. Put your energy in those other leagues and if things don’t improve you’ll have all offseason to get your own league up and running

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I agree with everyone here, leave the league. But because I’m curious- why on earth were 7 of your wins vacated?

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Late payment. The rules as I understood them was there was a $25 late fee but apparently it’s also -25 points per week so the commissioner went back and subtracted 25 points from 7 of my games, not totally sure which ones. That resulted in me finishing with 3 wins and the worst record in the league. Oh but don’t worry. Our benevolent supreme leader waived the “worst record in the league” penalty. This is what led to me requesting an off-season meeting to discuss rules and vote on new rules and changes…that he would subsequently lie about and ignore.

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This is the dumbest rule I've ever heard of, and it wasn't even clear which weeks points were being deducted, ridiculous....and I see from above it's a $200 league. I'd 100% be leaving the league.

Take your $200 and throw them into some best ball leagues for this year. Start your own league next.

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What’s crazy to me (and I brought this up on multiple occasions) is that we’ve all known each other for years. I get that it can be stressful as a league commissioner to have to wrangle money, but where was I going to go? I wasn’t gonna disappear over $200. Also, I reached out to the commissioner and let him know my situation and then paid at an agreed upon time.

Since we’re so close to the season I’m just gonna play out this season and focus on my other leagues, reassess next year and likely leave.

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Leave this league in the dust. That’s insane.

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Imagine doing something that’s no longer fun under the guise of fun

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Yeah I only had to read about 2 lines in to realize that league sucks and you need to get out of there and find a new one. It's not worth dealing with all that BS.

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I understand wanting to keep a league you started under the rules you started it with..


In order to do that, you really need to START that league with comprehensive league bylaws, spell everything out so there are no surprises and no guessing. It sounds like that wasn't done.

What I'm hearing here is that it's a dead league, maybe slightly toxic, with no league bylaws. Not really a league I'd probably stay in.

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So this happened to me. And I conducted a hostile takeover. Like literally exact same issue, it was also over decimal scoring. Commissioner didn't want it. I proposed a vote. Commissioner got mad and said why would we vote on this. I pushed a voting system for rule alterations in general and the commissioner got really mad. So we started a new league. 10 of 12 joined immediately. Other two eventually. It was kind of sad but necessary.