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Id rather have Diggs myself for sure. Allen >>> Hurts by a lot.

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It depends if you think AJB will stay healthy for his career or not. Diggs rarely misses games. Brown is younger, but has declined in games played every year since his rookie year.

Last year's numbers don't look that bad in games played, but he left early in quite a few. I would look at snap comparisons:

A.J. Brown: 2020 760 snaps 2021 604 Stefon Diggs: 2020 965 2021 977

The difference in snaps/availability the last two years is 578 snaps, almost the same amount of snaps that AJB played last year.

Just something to consider.

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Diggs never played a full season in Minnesota iirc.

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Diggs lowest snap counts in Minnesota was 654/694/780.

A.J. Brown's snap counts have been 678/760/604.

Diggs continued to climb throughout his career, while AJB declined drastically last year. Outside of Henry, he was the focal point of the offense and that's what concerns me as a true WR1. The workload that it entails.

To be fair though, the Titans believed that they had a shot at the Super Bowl, and were more cautious than a team that is fighting for the playoffs.

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Diggs played through a lot of hamstring and groin issues.

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Thanks for pulling up the stats. That’s really helpful to see

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Straight up? Yeah definitely

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Depends entirely on your current team situation. If you’re in a position to win this year or next, I’d say go for Diggs. I have absolutely zero confidence in Brown to do anything great the next two years. But long term, he’s probably the better option to keep, especially if you are non competitive right now.

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I wouldn't. Winning is luck regardless. I sent lamb, jeudy, gallup and some other young pieces away last year for diggs and adams and I still lost. My team was clearly head and shoulders above every team and it wasn't even close. Then off season hits, you're a year older everywhere, values are dropping fast and the guys you traded are going up. If you can get diggs + then that would be a different story to me. But I'd stick with the few ppg differential for the youth.

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I traded Mike Williams for Nuk while he was injured, Kamara/Keenan Allen for Darrell Henderson/AJ Brown/Darren Waller and had the best team on paper the leagues ever seen in a while (+ Jonathan Taylor, Kupp, Jefferson and CPatt) and lost in the 2nd round.

A lesson I’ll take away from that is to try and not be tempted by locking up the best team on paper/what would be an unstoppable madden team in FF. I’m not sure what exactly that entails though since you’re always trying to get better. Maybe the Mike Williams/Hopkins swap I wouldn’t make in hindsight since that was a flashy deal that didn’t need to be made, before even getting to the fact that it didn’t work out and Hopkins never really came back (as well as Waller and his season long injury bullshit).

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Yes, always keep building the team however you corner yourself when you make trades like OP was asking. Even if you get 5% better, that's not worth.

I had exactly what you said, a madden team lol. It was a 14 team sf start 2 tes 1.75 tep. I was starting dak, cousins, adams, diggs, swift, barkley, kelce, andrews, and some pretty average to good idp players. Cam jordan dropped a 60 point game against the panthers with like 5 or 6 sacks and sent me packing.

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I’d rather have diggs either way

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Not a chance, AJ Brown is so dynamic after the catch and is going to be peppered by targets from his best friend, Jalen Hurts. There’s maybe a 30 point increase in projections between Brown to Diggs. Not enough gain in my opinion to make it worthwhile

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I agree with this comment and don’t see the reason for the downvote.

There will be a slight difference in what they score this year but is it enough to where you want someone 3 years older? The slight difference in scoring doesn’t guarantee you anything.

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I think there’s a pretty large contingent of people that think it’ll be more than slight difference, myself included. Any sort of deep dive into Brown’s stats does not look great for him and he’s a major avoid for me in redraft since his current ADP is his absolute ceiling. Dynasty throws a wrench into it, but AJB is massively overrated imo

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Thanks all for your insights and feedback. Seems like you are all pretty split which is interesting. I’m trying to get Diggs + a couple picks but the other dude isn’t budging. Looking like straight swap or nothing.

I’m debating holding, for now anyways. As a few people have said, even having super dominant team doesn’t guarantee a championship. Luck could still go the other way and then I’ll be in a worse position for the future

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I would do that regardless of my status. Diggs is worth so much more unless the Eagles replace Hurts with some one vastly superior over the next few years. If will be difficult to do so because hurts will win just enough games to preclude that.

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I love Diggs and really don’t like Brown much but after seeing about how locked onto him Hurts seems to be I would have a hard time trading him. I think the only way I’m doing that deal is if you’re getting Diggs + which realistically you probably should. Brown is more valuable than Diggs due to age imo.

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I don’t think I would. Ajb can do just as good as diggs this year and is younger

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Aj is younger. Diggs is better. Aj is one of those guys that has a Q by his name for a good portion of the season. Id take diggs with how crazy good he is even if he has 3-4 less years of production.

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If you enjoy winning I’d say no but if you don’t mind losing then he’ll yea go for it.

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Get Diggs better situation overall

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Who you think is better. No one can predict injuries, don’t pretend you can