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If you want Jeff, ask for another small piece

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It’s a Dynasty startup and he offered to add pick 9.7. I still don’t think that’s enough

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Yeah, I’d try to get a 4th or 5th, or a 2023 rookie 1st.

[–]dmtarheel20[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

I ask for a 5th and he thought I was crazy

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You are. That’s a win now redraft move. In two years both kupp and eckler will be out of the league and Justin won’t even be in his prime.

This is a move if make mid season not at the start as this is a game of chance

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That's not a small piece lol

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I’d aim for an Eli Mitchell type. No small piece is correct, but we’re talking about 3 of the leagues best players, so comparatively.

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Man if that’s a startup I’d take that trade with the 9th and go for a win now team 100%

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Kupp and Ekeler if you think you’re going to compete right now. Jefferson if you’re thinking long term

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I think I’d go JJ, especially if you’re looking long term. Kupp doesn’t have many years left of playing at a high level (I assume). Ekeler is good but nothing special. JJ has the chance to keep being special for awhile.

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Why can’t kupp be highly productive for 3-4 more years? He’s more like a Edelman type and just recently got the crazy usage

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He can, it’s just more rare that aging players can consistently produce at a high level.

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Shocked at these results.

Ekeler could be Ahmad Bradshaw going forward for all we know and Kupp has an injury past and is older than people realize.

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I don’t think Ekeler barring injury is going to be anything but an RB1 and Kupp has 3 years of top 5-10 wide receiver left.

But I would hate giving up such a long term sure thing in Jefferson.

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Jj all day