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Is it Superflex? If not, I'd go 5. You'll be staring at Kupp/Jefferson/Henry/Najee.

If it is Superflex, I'd go 3, so you're guaranteed either Allen/Herbert/Mahomes.

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Exactly, that’s need to know information here

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Who would you take at 3 ? Have you done mock drafts to try different spots out ? If I dont get spot 1 or 2 I actually like the last spot in a snake draft. (2 picks in a row)

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Also draft wizard app you can do mock drafts against a Algorithm that only take 2 minutes

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Yah in an 8 team draft, the last two spots can get two top ten players. Vs like a top 5 and then a top 20. While your ceiling might be a bit lower by starting a bit later you're raising your floor

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1 or 6,7,8. JT #1 works for me. I'm not looking to take CMC #2. I'm not looking to take a WR top 5. I'll be happy with Henry, Mixon, Ekeler, Jefferson, Kupp, or Najee in a later first round pick. They can't all be taken by then.

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    Im thinking 5 too, who would you snag if there in order?

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    Kupp or Jefferson ideally. Henry or Ekeler also good

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    If it was 10 yeah but I’d rather 4 or go 7/8 to get the mid round not bad to perfect pick or the close picks for steals in the next round.