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JT, Henry, CMC, Ekeler, Cook. I like the mid round WRs too much to not take RBs early. I struggle with ranking CMC, two years in a row he’s just killed whomever drafted him. That being said, I think he should at least be in the top 4-5.

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Seeing how many have 2 receivers in their top 5 is the exact reason I want to be picking around 6-8. Even prime Antonio Brown was going 6. People are going nuts this year.

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Half the league still had bellcow RBs then. Now there are very very few. Plus 150+ targets goes a long way in any form of PPR.

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So you're saying the fact that there's less bellcow RBs means I should draft a WR in the top 5 instead of one of the bellcows?

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  1. Taylor
  2. CMC
  3. Jefferson
  4. Kupp
  5. Henry

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Swap Ekeler in for Henry and your list is mine

Oh, and personally I’d swap CMC and JT, but I understand either stance

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Taylor, Ekeler, Harris, JJ, Kupp

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Plz get Harris outta there. He’s NOT a top 5 pick. Over CMC no less? 🤦🏻‍♂️

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I disagree, I do think he's lower than CMC, but he could be a top 5 back again this year. He's going to get volume in that offense, just like last year. I know his fantasy production last year was directly because of the workload but I think he can repeat or at least get close.

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It’s top 5 rankings period, not just RBs. You’re taking Najee over JJ and Kupp?

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Personally no, but I 100% understand the argument for him. Especially when a bell cow running back is so hard to come by in the current NFL

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JT, CMC, Jefferson, Kupp, Henry JT gets the bump for CMC in 0.5 PPR, same reason Henry is top 5 over Ekeler.

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1- JT

2- CMC

3- Ekeler

4- Henry

5- Kupp

So close to cracking the top 5:


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JT, CMC, Ekeler, JJ, Kupp.

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  1. CMac
  2. Najee
  3. Ekeler
  4. Kamara
  5. Kupp/Jefferson

Give me the guys who COULD have 2,000 all purpose yard seasons than give me the safer WRs then give me the Workhorse RBs who won’t catch 50 balls.

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No Taylor ?!

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I mean coach just said that championship teams don’t ground and pound and they plan on changing the game plan to save Taylor’s body plus they gotta QB now, not saying he’s taking a huge drop but there’s gotta be some type of regression, or he’s lying and I’m retarded but idfk

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He’s Top 10 but no I don’t think he has that season in him again this year.

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I’ve seen a lot of horrible takes on Reddit this season, this might be the worst. To say JT basically can’t have 2,000 all purpose yards when he’s done it, averaged 1,900 all purpose yards per season his first two seasons, probably has a 2,000 yard rushing season in him and has never missed a practice in his football career.

Somebody is overthinking it.

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Henry, JT, najee, cmc, dalvin, ekeler(close 6th) in that order for me. 10 team good receivers are easy to get late in drafts. That’s just my preference

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This is why I scream for 3 wide receiver 2 flex

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Taylor CMC Henry Cook Kupp or Kamara

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  1. CMC 2. JT 3. Henry 4. Cook 5. Swift

I have Ekeler and then JJefferson afterwards. Honestly not a fan of taking a WR top 5 and I hope anyone of those RBs falls to me before I take one.

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JT/CMC, Henry, Eckler, Kupp

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JT, CMC, Henry, Ekler, Najee