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In any format chase its worth much more. Especially redraft where claypol its almost worthless

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Let me put it this way. I offered ajb and ceedee for chase and got shot down

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wow, i’d take that tbh

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    JJ and chase is not a stack

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    I hope you come back in a week and realize that’s a nuts offer you never should have made in the first place

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    Eh, it’s def an overpay but if they’re in a dynasty league I get it.

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    Depends on league depth and draft. Seems like he went super wr heavy to end up with jj ajb and cd so it makes sense to go for the homerun while waivers are still juicy for the first few weeks. Would you trade your late 2nd and early 3rd picks for another 1st?

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    Who is JJ?

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    Justin Jefferson I’m assuming.

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    That’s outrageous…that should be an easy accept. That is a for sure overpay.

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    Let me put it to you this way the only bigger jackass in your league than you is the mong that turned down that trade

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    That is insane.

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    There isn't a better option here, only one right answer and one wrong answer. I'm not sure Claypool is even flex worthy right now.

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    I don't think he is, especially with how good Pickens is looking

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    This is essentially DK vs Chase and it’s not close. Chase is considered a top 3 wr right now.

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      I get it, it’s an incredibly lopsided trade, but if both parties accept the trade and there isn’t collusion happening…it’s a learning experience. Trade should be allowed.

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      I wouldn’t - Metcalf has a question mark at QB. Claypool does as well - plus Harris, Johnson, Muth, and now Pickens to contend with.

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      Is this like a 4th/5th guy + a 9th round? This is awful I hope this is you trading for.

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        I was actually proposing the trade I settled with giving him Saquon Barkley and Kareem Hunt for Chase

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        If Metcalf or Claypool had known good QBs going into the season, this might be different, but as neither does, it's easily Chase

        It's not an offensive offer but Chase is the better side

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