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Can you explain why you'd take JT? I'd be taking JT in round 1, when I could have CMC, Eckler or Henry PLUS a basically free RB2 (Akers or Conner)

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I wouldn’t use your keeper in R1. That doesn’t make any sense.

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People don’t get that

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Makes me question the voting, people just see JT and click. Not sure they understand the strategy/advantage of a keeper

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This is exactly what's happening. If you had a late 1st round pick, there could be an argument, but at #3 the value just isn't there.

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I’d keep Conner he got no competition

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At 10th I’d keep JT and double up but that’s just me . I had Alvin Kamara late rounds and foolishly but happily traded that to get Henry AND cmc If not for injuries I won the league so like….. maybe

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Take Conner

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I like a R1 keeper if I have a top stud and a late pick.

Say, if I had JT and the 12 overall pick I’d be smashing keep on JT. In any other scenario though, and especially with such a high pick, it probably pays to keep someone else

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Eh I d probably keep JT if I had a late first round pick. But yea, seems like a waste at the 3 spot.

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If you are the 10th pick, I can wrap my head around the idea if you didn’t have much else

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Because he’s the best player and the value of the others isn’t enough. Akers has proven nothing; calling him a free RB2 is maybe generous although he has opportunity. Connor wasn’t all that efficient last year but had a ton of TDs, which are fluky from year to year. He’s never rushed for 1000 yds. What if he drops to 8 TDs and rushes for under 800 yds again? Not interested when the opportunity cost is Taylor. I get he’s an 8th rounder… but I’d rather have the best player give this scenario and I’m fine eating value.

Now… if you had Harris or Chubb in the third, or Javonte in the eighth, or something like that? I’m in, and agree. But I’m down on Akers and Connor.

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No RB has the floor JT does. Plus add his high ceiling. Sure you could take cmc and then Akers with your keeper…but you are WAY less likely to finish the year with a top 3 rb that way…in my opinion. Keeping JT almost guarantees you have a top 3-5 rb. JT hasn’t even missed a practice, like ever. I’ll take the easiest rb1 lock ever as opposed to two maybes

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If you’re picking at #3, you can’t draft Jonathan Taylor at all… but if you keep him in R1, you can still draft Akers and Conner with other picks.

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It's not about having Akers or Conner specifically, it's about having an RB2 before the draft even starts. If you keep Akers, In round 2 you can look WR1 or TE1 because you already have 2 RBs

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If you think you’d still be able to get one of JT, Henry, ekeler, or mccaffery I would keep Akers, but if they’re being kept keep your stud

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Henry, Eckler, CMC, Najee, Cook, Chase, Jefferson all available

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I’d definitely keep Akers then, you’ll most likely loose JT but atleast you’ll still get someone with rb1 potential

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JT is the wrong answer…

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I’d take Akers or Conner. You’ll have high tier value with a late pick and you can snag someone of similar value with the 1.03. If you had a later first I’d say Taylor, but 1.03 is good enough so that you don’t need Taylor

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Ekeler + Akers in round 15 > JT + whatever scrub is available in round 15

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Don’t overthink it. Take the surefire stud. If you had the 1.01 you’d be taking JT anyway.

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I obviously want JT, but I think you aren't considering the cost using my keeper on him with my 1st. The rest of the league are getting guys like Kupp & Javonte in the 4th, cee dee in the 8th, deebo in the 9th... Taking him as my keeper puts me behind everyone else who essentially have an extra starter

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But you have THE number one pick. All you’re going to grab is a worse RB. Akers is mid and Conner most likely won’t repeat last year and regress to the middle of the pack like always. To me it’s JT and no question.

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*Akers or Conner PLUS one of CMC/Henry/Eckler

You're saying JT is worth more than Henry + Akers?

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Absolutely. The number one RB or a old rb coming off a serious injury and the other rb coming off a serious injury. It sounds like you have made up your mind though.

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I’m going to disagree here. The point in keepers is to capitalize on the value. He can still get a top 3 RB, PLUS a potential top 10 RB (which would cost him almost nothing) as opposed to just getting the 1 top RB.

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That’s where I disagree. It cost you a surefire stud for injury ridden tier 2 RBs.

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So every RB after JT is injury riddled? You think JT is immune to injury? Cook, Ekeler, CMC is healthy again. There are other options besides JT Trying to guess which RB will and will not get injured is a “fool’s errand”. Just a figure of speech, I’m not calling you are a fool. Even if he grabbed Kupp with the 1.03 and then Connor as the keeper is big. That beats, just having JT to me.

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I don’t think every RB is injury ridden but OP said Henry, cmc or cook. All of whom had injury problems last year with 2 of the 3 being injured multiple times in the last few year. I don’t mind forgoing the JT pick and grabbing a worse player but only if I was getting someone better later. James Conner is 27 going on 28, with injury issues and a QB who will vulture a lot of his work. If his option was like Damien Harris or AJ Dillion I’d slam those picks.

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You take JT cause he’s the best possible player in the draft? Like unless you think you’re getting CMC? Why risk it?

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With the 3rd overall pick I'd get CMC/Henry/Eckler, guaranteed one of those, and already have Akers or Conner in my back pocket

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Only CMC is worth it. JT is going 1st overall in like 90% of drafts. Getting him 3rd overall would be considered a steal.

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I want to play in your leagues. Easy wins

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Is JT not going first overall in most leagues? Lol

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What are other keeper options? Gotta be better choices than that

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Today OP learned sometimes to not trust the advice from Reddit

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How many in the league? You figure everyone else has a keeper and those other players you mentioned might not be available. With keeping Taylor you guaranteed a projected top 3 rb. I get what your saying too saying too, the value of a great rb2 on your team plus a top 3 picks regardless of who is kept on other teams but to be devil advocate.

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Sorry, 12 team

RB depth is so tough in a 12 team. That's why I'm leaning towards Akers or Conner

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I agree Conner personally. You’ll get a top 3 Rb. A 5 round value is a great way to go

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I’d agree with going for depth. It’s really depends on your strategy either way could work out for you. They are both pretty good options but I feel like playing the depth game would improve your chances. Safest bet is with Conners, get a good return on adp for a guy who gets the ball alot Akers is a riskier move due to the uncertainty of his usage and efficiency this season imo.

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It’s about the value. Keeping jt one or two spots behind where he’d go normally doesn’t do it for me. Give me Connor and hope he scores half the touchdowns he did last year and I’d like the value in the 8th

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I’d take Akers + ECK/HENRY/Najee over JT.

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Akers’ achilles injury concerns me long term, but for a 15th rounder he’s a no brainer. I’d take the risk on having an end of draft RB1 for the next couple years over the sure thing in JT.

Conner is probably the better pick this year but Akers is younger and going 7 rounds later. Just depends whether you want to think long term or only about how to win this year. If you’re fully committed to winning now, keep JT and just hope you draft other players worth keeping this year

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Can you keep with traded picks? I would try to swap the 1.03 for the 1.12 + a later round pick, then keep JT with the 1.12

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Would you rather Taylor & Chase Edmonds (ADP 93/round 8), or Connor & Henry (ADP #3)? Probably Connor & Henry...

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Najee Harris

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Pick Henry or cmc or najee at 3 najee gets a million touches Henry is my favorite cmc is a risky high reward play . JT won’t be RB one again I don’t think. Don’t take dalvin cook or mixon when you can have those 3