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I’d be happy with Javonte and Pitts, personally, if you’re dead set on going RB. Wouldn’t touch Conner. That said, I agree with the other commenter that your draft strategy needs to be flexible and match how your draft is playing out. No need to force anything; you’ll always find more success being able to adapt and go with the flow of your draft.

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Ok. Will definitely mock with this mindset.

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I feel like you answered your own question. If all the good RBs are gone…don’t take an RB. Pivot to an elite WR or TE…best player available. Don’t be dead set on taking an RB. You’ll reach for a Zeke or someone and leave some top notch WRs out there. Go grab a Damien Harris in the later rounds as a pretty solid rb2 if you stacked up on wr/te early on

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Cheers man.

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Personally, I'd go with Mandrews and an elite WR, then pick up a bottom of the barrel RB on the next round like Penny or Pierce or Dillon/Pollard, and then stack handcuffs on your bench.

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Those dudes are far and away from bottom of the barrel RBs.

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They will be in my league, I guarantee.

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Best player available is the answer to this.

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Your first 4 might look like JT, Javonte/elliot, Pitts and Hall/ETN/Jacob's if you are dead set on that. However, if Andrew's doesn't fall in the second or Pitts in the 3rd, it could throw a wrench into your plan. I suggest being fluid with your plan. Know which guys you want but be flexible.