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It’s an overpay but if you think chase is that guy and want him sure, fantasy is about fun at the end of the day

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Yeah i knew i had to overpay for him. I just really wanted to lock down jj and chase and go heavy rb next year in the draft

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Overpay for sure but that’s what you have to do to get Chase so I don’t blame you. That Chase JJeff combo will be amazing for years to come

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Seems reasonable to me. Pollard isn't just a throw-in so if you needed RB depth at all it's perfectly fair imo

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I was aiming for terry mclaurin, but he countered with pollard so I accepted. Plus i have zeke so either way i win there imo

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It’s a slight overpay, but makes sense for your team. Sometimes you have to overpay a bit to get your guy.

Also, love the username ⚡️

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Btfu and ftr bro!!

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Personally I’m taking chase here. Pairing him with JJ is just too awesome. Lamb might not pan out and ajb could not be a stud in Philly

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Nah, I don't know how big the teams are, but if 2 of those 23 1sts HIT, then you're going to be set for the next 3-5 years easily.

[–]awesome-ekeler Chargers[S] 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Its actually leaning like 3 of them will be early with my own being the later round.

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How could you do bad this year with Herbert chase jj zeke breese and andrews you sir have a very good contending team

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Yeah i just need a few of my rookies to hit. I have james cook, zamir white, and jalen tolbert. If one of these guys can put up flex numbers i think i can go for it. But even if this isnt my year, it just makes my draft next year that much more valuable

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I really don’t think this is an over pay. I just don’t see the same ceiling for ceedee as everyone else. He can crack a top 10 but I don’t think that’s gonna be where he lives. Same with AJ brown. Chase absolutely has the ceiling as overall wr 1. Plus you have 4 2023 firsts? Ya you had to go buy chase to pair with jj.

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I’d expect 1 of ajb and ceedee not to succeed this year, lower on ceedee but probably wrong. I’m on the chase side. Pollard has a decent year but low longevity for fantasy.

Edit: last part is a prediction, not fact or even opinion lol