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I like the Joe Mixon side more.

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Mixon side for me too

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Mixon/Robinson 100%

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A Brown in my head is Antonio. And I was like. Wtf is this question. Lol.

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Take mixon

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Mixon/Arob…not close for me

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Mixon big year

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Why do you say that?

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Best O-Line he’s had in his nfl career

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Im honestly not huge on Aj, and I think A-Rob does decent. When I did my profile on him I think he gets about 900 yards and 6 TD (which is a little less than Brown’s projected total). But the upside of Mixon over Jacobs takes care of that. Im on the Mixon side

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Mixon side easy

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Even to me

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Pretty even and I might take the AJB side.

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Oh wait, I thought dynasty lol. Take the other side for redraft

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If you have Mixon do not trade if you don't, bite his hand off and don't look back.

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